Month: July 2016

Top 6 Best Romance Anime

6. Toradora It’s a nice little Rom-Com or romantic comedy. Has nice dramatic times in it and anime fans can truly enjoy it. 5. Kaichou wa Maid-sama An all-boys school where talking to girls is big great news. That’s the backdrop of this show. Where girls the girls find themselves mixing with the guys and that this could possibly be a dream come true. 4. Lovely Complex Highschooler Atsushi Otani is a pip squeek or short teen and Riza Koizumi is a super tall teenage girl. Those traits are normally not an issue but being in the same class...

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Top 5 Starter Anime

Anime has grown has had an insane amount of growth all over the world, especially within the States with large mainstream appeal. There are plenty of people wondering where to start in the world of anime. I am going to give you some solid Starter animes that even people that dislike the animation can’t openly deny is good. 5. Death note This show made me an anime fan and if you still haven’t seen this one yet GO SEE IT NOW!! The story follows Light Yagami, a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook from a Shinigami named...

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The Best Harem Anime Of All Time

This genre definitely draws fire for being provocative but what’s anything without your guilty pleasures? These Harem animes are definitely worth checking out. Harem animes if you do not know,  are animes where the main character  is usually surrounded by the opposite sex. 6. Trinity Seven Asami, a mage sent to investigate phenomenon, gives Arata choices of handing over the book or dying. Arata chooses the third option. enrolling in the secret magic school Royal Biblia Academy.Of course at this Academy there are beauties waiting on him, Seven to be exact.  Each with their on skill, power and beauty. 5....

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Top 7 Anime Movies

The animuverse offers so many new movies consistently, its hard to keep track of them all and thats why we made a little list of personal favorites. Check these out when you run out of anime to watch and tell us what you think! 7. The Anthem of the Heart Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda, or Kokosake for short, is a story about a traumatic incident for Jun. Her emotions were hidden away by a weird egg fairy and her ability to speak vanished. Shes now a quiet teen who would rather go away period. But her life is about to...

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Top 7 Best Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry

  Some days, don’t you just feel like crying over a good show? Why not check out some notorious tearjerker anime.     7. Clannad: After Story What other way could this be done other than starting out with Clannad. An anime staple for making you cry and weep uncontrollably. Clannad has raw emotion and starts out normally but with a guy that starts out regularly and ends up in a harem situation. They all have real sad backstories…this show… 6. Angel Beats! Angel Beats is another popular tear jerking anime around a group of teenagers in a sort...

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