Month: August 2016

Opinion: Pokemon Alola Forms

Back in the mid 90’s the world was introduced to 151 creatures known as Pokemon. This year Nintendo is releasing Pokemon Sun and Moon, the seventh generation of Pokemon games and will be introducing a slew of new Pokemon. A lot of the new creatures are Alolan Forms of the original 151. There are some mixed responses to each individual form and the idea as a whole.     As a whole it is a pretty interesting idea. It’s nice to get a fresh spin on these older Pokemon, and the new details in the forms are a nice refresher...

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Top Five Emotional Moments from Gurren Lagann.

Gurren Lagann is known for many things, like giant robots, epic space scenes, and a fantastic story of overcoming your fears and fighting for what you believe in no matter how the odds favor you. On top of amazing animation and over the top characters Gurren Lagann had exceptional emotional scenes, and of those we have picked the five that most stood out to us. 5. Kamina finds his Dad Early on in the series Gurren Lagann shows us just how hard it can gut punch your feelings with Kamina building up the story of his dad going to...

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Summer Anime: Re: Life

Starting over from Highschool: would you do if you could take a pill and live through high school again?  Not going back in the past, but a new high school with new people.  Would you take this opportunity? What if it came with a guaranteed high-paying job if you completed a year of using the pill?  These are the questions Re: Life asks its main character, Arata. He, of course, accepts the terms of this contract.     Well I should say drunkenly accepts, see Arata is a 27 year old neet who has no job and lies about it...

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Japanese Snack Boxes You Should Try

  Skoshbox SkoshBox ships from California with free two day shipping and comes in 3 sizes for you to choose from. It starts at 12 Dollars, and goes to 35 depending on the snacks you choose. Skoshbox is great for trying unique japanese candies you generally can’t find in America.   Tokyo Treat Tokyo Treat is a box that ships free straight from Japan. It has 3 sizes as well and includes limited run items from Tokyo like Sakura Pepsi. Each box gets ahold of a sought after drink, and a cool toy for you to show off. It...

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Five Reasons we Love Rem from Re:Zero

Rem is the blue haired twin from Re:Zero that has quickly become one of many people’s favorite anime characters of all time. For those of you who don’t know why Rem is so popular we have listed a the top five reasons she is a fantastic character.   1 She Develops Constantly Unlike many characters in anime, Rem is developed constantly and always showing new sides of her personality. She started out as a stoic character and has become a strong defender of the main character after falling in love with him.   She isn’t overly sexualized A lot...

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