Month: September 2016

Light’s Mistakes in Death Note

  Since I finished watching Death Note, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways where Light could have easily won against L, Near, Mello and the police. This will obviously contain spoilers   Firstly, let’s go way back to the very beginning of the series. Light’s HUGE mistake was just getting straight into killing criminals. He didn’t even bother to read over the rules thoroughly. Yes there are a lot, but when you’re meddling with the law you can’t be too careful. Why risk getting caught? Those extra minutes spent reading over every rule and...

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Top 10 Anti Heroes

  Anti-heroes are characters (not just within anime) that aspire to do good things … just not in a good way. These sorts of characters tend to be my favourite.   Itachi Uchiha – Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden Itachi is a pacifist, but will do anything to defend and protect Konoha – including wiping out his whole family (except Sasuke) to prevent a war from happening. He joins the Akatsuki, an evil organisation, as a secret spy for Konoha. When he’s resurrected through the reanimation jutsu, he ends up saving everyone. He’s my top favourite anti-hero due to the fact...

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Code Geass Theory: What Happened to Lelouch?

  If you haven’t seen/finished Code Geass, then I highly suggest you come back when you have, since this post will contain major spoilers for the anime!   Is Lelouch really dead? A lot of people believe that he is alive, that he received immortality and survived being stabbed by Suzaku. Some people even believe the false rumour that the Japanese version of the anime has a different ending, this one showing you that the person who’s driving the cart that C.C is on is really Lelouch. I’ve seen the Japanese version, and I can promise you that this...

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