Month: September 2016

Daganronpa: Catching Up For The Finish

In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc we are introduced to a world in which the concepts of Hope and Despair are at odds as opposed to the usual Good vs Evil debate. The premise for the game’s story opens up with you taking control of Makoto Naegi, a student of Hope’s Peak High School. Hope’s Peak is a school of elite students with extreme talents and each student is dubbed The Ultimate High School level of their respective talent.Makoto is the Ultimate High School level Luck, as he has no particular talent, but he was randomly selected to be a...

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Features I’m Excited For in Pokémon Sun and Moon

  I’m a huge fan of Pokémon, so of course I’m going to be excited for the new games that are being released November this year. I haven’t really been following the announcements for this game as much as I had for previous games. I’m excited for the new starters, which is something I’m always excited for. I’m also excited for the new Pokémon that the new region will bring. Hopefully there are some really good Pokémon so I don’t have to rely on the Pokémon I like from previous generations.   The two new legendries look very interesting...

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Reasons You Should Watch:Shimoneta

There are few anime one could compare to Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist. With an anime as unique as Shimoneta you should at least check it out to see what it has to offer, but we’ll explain why it’s worth watching in full. The premise of the show alone is enough to draw you in. Descriptions of a woman wearing panties on her head running through train stations throwing dirty pictures to the masses are enough to make you curious. But when you learn that the world of Shimoneta has extreme laws against...

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Re:Zero: Recapping Life in Another World

When it comes to fantasy anime it seems the most popular subject over the last few years has been dystopian worlds where authors don’t hold anything back on the characters you love. It started with Sword art Online and went to the gory and despair-ridden world of attack on Titan. Every summer it seems the audience picks a fantasy world to torture themselves with and this year is no exception to that. The funniest part about this anime though is trying to figure out just what the hell is going on. Re:Zero Starting Life in another world started its...

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My Thoughts on Live Action

  Live action films of popular anime series aren’t always wanted – or liked. So I decided to write down my own thoughts on this popular topic that plagues the anime community. First of all, I haven’t seen a lot of live action. I tend to avoid most due to the awful reviews. I have seen three Death Note live actions – the first, L Change the World and the first episode of the TV series. The films weren’t too bad, but I hated the TV series (didn’t help that the subtitles were awful too). I’m a huge fan...

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