Month: October 2016

Facts About The Legend of Zelda

  The Legend of Zelda is one of my favourite games that are playable on Nintendo consoles. The Legend of Zelda has been around for years, so there must be plenty of facts about the games. The first fact is that it originally wasn’t called just ‘The Legend of Zelda’, it was actually called ‘The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Fantasy’ in Japan, but the subtitle was scrapped for the US release of the game.   Link is usually left handed. However, he isn’t in Twilight Princess mainly due to most players being right handed, so they made Link right...

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Yaoi VS Shounen-ai

  Yaoi and shounen-ai are very similar, both include two male characters that are either in love or end up falling in love. So what is the difference? This article will contain shounen-ai images, so if you’re not comfortable with that then click away.   Shounen-ai translates to boy love, and from my personal experience it tends to be a lot less explicit compared to yaoi. Anything related to sex is implied rather than shown explicitly, and the series will mainly focus on the characters’ relationships rather than sex itself. Shounen-ai is very cute. Yaoi on the other hand...

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Skryim Special Edition Review

  Skyrim Special Edition has finally been released. I’ve been excited for this for some time. This is a review for the PS4 version of the game, since that’s the one I have but I’m sure it won’t differ that much from the PC and Xbox One version. The first thing I have to say is that I’m extremely happy that the PS4 version has mods, I thought it would take several months before mods were available if I was lucky. The only downside to mods is that there aren’t many at the moment and when mods are active...

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Are The Original Pokémon Games Good?

  From game-breaking glitches, to save data being deleted, these games aren’t exactly the best. So are these games as great as everybody remembers them? The first thing I have to discuss is the internal batteries. Once these die, so does your save, and you can’t save anymore until the battery is replaced. While it is easy to replace the internal battery, and the batteries do last several years, it is still annoying when the battery goes flat and any saved data is wiped. My Yellow save was wiped, and this should have been obvious to me when my...

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Reasons to Watch Death Note

  Death Note is a very popular anime/manga series. So should you watch/read it? Yes. Although, personally I believe that you should read the manga instead due to it being slightly better, but the anime is good too.   Firstly, it has a great storyline, and if mystery and suspense is your thing then this is definitely the anime for you. However, this can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s not a slow-building story either and has a very good pace, leaving you wanting to know more and not waiting too long or not long enough. Things are revealed at...

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