Month: November 2016

My Top 5 Anime Films

I love anime films, and I have seen quite a few so I thought I’d make a list of my top favourite. This list is mainly Studio Ghibli films, but you can’t blame me since they do make some really good films. Princess Mononoke This was one of the first Studio Ghibli films I watched (the first was The Cat Returns, which was meh compared to the other Studio Ghibli films I have seen). The story was interesting and I think I ended up watching it twice. I haven’t seen it again since, and it’s been a while since...

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My Top Anime Ships

I have too many ships in anime. Most sink (due to my curse of having my favourite characters die), but occasionally they will end up being canon (if they weren’t canon already). So anyway, here is my personal top 5 list of anime ships.   Haru x Makoto – Free! Iwatobi Swim Club These two are so adorable together, I can’t help but ship it. Makoto just walks straight into Haru’s home and knows where he is already. The show pretty much screams that they’re a thing. 2. Ryuko x Mako – Kill La Kill This was (and still...

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Code Geass Is Coming Back

It was announced on the tenth anniversary that Code Geass would be coming back after 8 years. If you have not seen Code Geass, go watch it and then come back to this article because this is going to be a spoiler full article Code Geass is coming back! It’s been 8 years since we saw the last of Lelouch and his “supposed” death. Lelouch’s plan led to much confusion on whether he really died, but with this announcement we know that there is still hope. Lelouch might still be alive after, The 99th Emperor of the Britannia may...

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Code Geass and Its Mysteries

Code Geass ends on a happy, sad and mysterious note. Just note that this article is full of spoilers and you have been warned Lelouch rids the world of hate by planning his own death and allowing Suzaku to take his place as Zero. C.C is now a traveling nomad and Nunnally becomes the 100th leader of the Britannian Empire. But there is one mystery that has not been resolved with the ending of Code Geass.With the resolution, what happened to Lelouch, our main character? While we do see Lelouch being stabbed by Suzaku and him dying in front of...

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Black Rock Shooter is Weird…

Let me get something straight, I am not talking about the Black Rock Shooter game. I am talking about the TV adaptation version of the game. I have not played the game as of yet, but I am planning to. The TV anime adaptation is … peculiar to say the least. From what I understand from just the anime, there are two worlds and the main character, Mato Kuroi, is connected to the Black Rock Shooter. The conflicts of one teenage girl are reflected in the action pack world of Black Rock Shooter. Or it might be backwards, I...

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