Month: November 2016

The Sims 4 Review

  I’m a massive The Sims fan. I couldn’t help but be really disappointed when I first played the Sims 4. I was disappointed when I played the Sims 3 (mainly due to the very many bugs I encountered, which was a big difference when compared to the Sims 2), but I couldn’t stand TS4. So many features that I love were removed, the customisation was taken away and was replaced with what was used for TS2 (you were stuck with what’s available, whereas you could alter the colour and patterns for clothes, furniture etc. In TS3). Babies can’t...

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Top 10 Anime Villains

  Anime is full of different villains, each evil in their own way. So I decided to create a top 10 list of villains I have seen in anime. However, this list will just contain villains, not anti-heroes, since villains want to achieve something for their own benefit. This will contain spoilers, so if you see a character from an anime that you haven’t seen yet, avoid reading their description to save yourself from reading spoilers. Father – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Father is the root of all evil in FMAB, since he created all seven homunculus and plans to...

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My Thoughts on Filler

  Fillers are unavoidable when it comes to anime like Naruto and Bleach. So what is filler? Filler are episodes that don’t follow the source material. Some filler are obvious when the characters were doing something and then the story suddenly deviates into another story randomly. So characters could be in the middle of a fight and the next episode would be them doing something completely different and then the episode after they’re back to fighting. However, it can be easily disguised, this is common when a filler series is placed after a story arc ends in an anime....

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