Month: December 2016

Five Obscure Mangas That You Should Defintely Read

Good manga is sometimes hard to find. There are many weird and curious series out there but if you dig deep enough, you can find many great stories. However, many people do not have the time to search for these obscure. So I am here to help you guys out.   The first obscure manga I would advise you guys to read is Dolulo Dalu. Based on the chinese wuxia novel with the same name, it is about the reincarnation of one person being transported into a different world and living a new life. It is filled with action...

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Dice…Would You

If you had the power to change anything about yourself; your looks, intelligence, your magical powers… would you? If you could roll a magical die, to gain points to change anything about yourself would you? You might not think that there are any moral repercussions to such a choice, but be forewarned, a choice that is given to you can be given to anyone else. The idea to better yourself against everyone else can be applied to everyone. All will compete against each other. To build yourself up you must either make yourself better or tear everyone else down....

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Death and its Affect in Anime

In the words of Gandalf the white “Death is just another path, one that we all must take”. Anime has a way with death. It is quite unpredictable, how death will follow through. Warning, I must say, speaking about death in anime will undoubtedly bring many spoilers. You have been warned. Death has many ways of appearing in anime. It can be seen as a character’s end which is the common way it is portrayed, in the case of Portgas D. Ace, Jiraiya, and so many others. But, with the imaginative power that anime provides, it allows for many...

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Anime Shippings

The internet is full of them, the ships as they are called. The pairing of two characters in an anime to force them together in the eyes of the fans whether it be between a man and women, man and man, woman and woman or being and being. There is no shortage of ships that set sail from everyone harbors. The ability to ship is fueled by a passion, imagination and sometimes how well you can write or draw fan art. Shipping is a pure art form. It can create romance out of thin air, even in the most...

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How Anime Can Make People Cry

Anime, like any form of storytelling can evoke strong emotions in its viewers. The same way literature or even life does, for life is just another form of storytelling. Whether it be anger at a complete dick of a character or happiness at such an amazing event, anime will cause our hearts to stir. But it can cause our heart to ache. The events that happen in some animes are just well written and sad, that your eyes will be flowing tears before you know it Any anime can have sad moments but only the very heart-wrenching ones will...

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