Month: December 2016

Censored VS Uncensored Anime!

Before you ask: no, this article isn’t about hentai. Now your mind is out of the gutter, I’ll discuss uncensored and censored anime. Some anime is unnecessarily censored, the most famous being One Piece. Some of the changes in that are really ridiculous (though I haven’t seen One Piece, so I can’t say from experience, I’ve only seen comparison videos online). From Sanji’s cigarette being changed, or completely removed. Even Pokémon isn’t immune to being censored, since Pokémon have been altered, Jynx as an example, and even episodes being left unnaired completely. Examples are the episode with Tentacool and...

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Types of Traders on Warframe

I haven’t been playing Warframe for that long, but when I have noticed several types of players when I’ve been trying to trade. From those that don’t leave me alone, to those who are asking for way too much in return for their items. So here’s my list of different players I’ve encountered when trading. First of all is a player who will ask to trade to then only shove their items in your face. Which, in my opinion, is entirely unnecessary because above their head is what their selling the and option to trade. So why they shove...

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No Game No Life Review

I finished watching this anime a week ago, and I’m still angry about how it ended. It was left on a cliffhanger and there is still no second season, or any plans for one. Not that I’ve researched it, I’m still too angry about it so I don’t want to face the disappointment of there not being any plans. In summary, if you don’t like cliff-hanger endings, then this isn’t the anime for you, at least until there’s a second season or something to resolve the awful cliff-hanger ending. However, if that doesn’t bother you in the slightest, then...

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Gosu and Why Its Different

Gosu is a manhwa written by Ryu Ki-Woon, and Moon Jung-Hoo and it’s totally not what you expected to be. It starts out as a martial arts manhwa but totally deviates just from the first chapter. Before you read this article, please read the first chapter of the Manhwa. When you expect a martial expert, you expect a strong, skinny and serious person who is humble. Most people don’t expect Gangryong, the chubby busboy at a restaurant. Little does anyone know, Gang Ryong is the disciple of the Heavenly Destroyer. Gang Ryong had set out,as a skinny, strong fighter,...

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New Live Action Announcements!

One thing I’ve noticed recently is the amount of Live Actions that are planned. If there’s one thing I know about them, is that they pretty much suck. Unless it’s shoujo, but even then I’ve seen bad shoujo live action. So what does this mean for the anime industry? I’m hoping nothing bad. I guess we can sort of be excited, our favourite series are being adapted into live action films/TV series. Except, I’m less than thrilled every time something is announced. First Bleach, then FMA, Gintama, and now Naruto. Except Naruto is going to be a Hollywood live...

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