You heard correctly. The first ever recorded Japanese animations came out during 1917. While simply being short clips, they were the start of the entire enterprise. During the 60s the first actual anime t.v series aired: Three Tales, by the man himself Osamu Tezuka. From then onward, anime and manga continued to boom throughout the 70s and 80s for Japan, eventually spreading during the nineties and reaching our current point. The boom of anime during the 2oth century can be contributed to Osamu Tezuka, while the boom in the 21th century is largely due to Hayato Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. This film studio brought kids and adults alike towards the medium of anime giving them heartfelt stories and amazing characters always making them yearn for more. We’ve gained a lot in such a short yet long period of time. The rise and continuous rising of anime and manga in our current society is thanks to a numerous amount of factors but I am glad that they have taken place. Where would most of us , without the mystical stories and amazing characters, life lessons and fun times we have had if anime and manga didn’t exist. We would be bored out of our minds looking for something to fill that void, that craving we all have now thanks to anime. So raise your glasses high folks, everyday is a day to honor the great things anime has brought us but this year, we must honor this art form even more. We thank the world for giving us a hundred years of anime, we thank the creators, the animators, the producers, the voice actors and actress and even the fans for allowing this medium to grow more and more popular. Give them a toast (Get it)

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