Month: January 2017

Nichijou Review

Nichijou has to be one of my favourite comedy anime. This anime has made me laugh so much, and it’s so enjoyable to watch even if it lacks a ongoing storyline. It’s super easy to watch and get into, and everything about it is love-able. What I love most about this anime is that I can abandon it for months, and then return to it and not be confused at all. I can get straight back into it like I never stopped watching it. I’ve re-watched some funny scenes over and over again on YouTube, and they still make...

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Blue Exorcist Review

I watched Blue Exorcist a few years ago, and it’s definitely an anime I love even if it isn’t one my favourites. The end of the series did let it down a lot, which is the main reason why it’s not my favourite. I really loved the series until the filler began (which I didn’t realise at the time). I went from enjoying every episode to just wanting to finish the anime so I can move on to the next. The filler ending definitely ruined the anime, and I’m so glad that it’s being ignored and the series is...

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Pokémon Sun/Moon VS Previous Gens

Pokémon Sun and Moon have been out for a while now, so what are the differences between the new gen compared to the previous gens? Other than the obvious new area, new Pokémon and characters, there are a lot of differences between this game and the previous games in the series. First of all, there’s no gyms and the elite four consists of the islands’ trial leaders (or whatever they’re called, I can’t remember). I liked this, as every previous game involves beating every gym and the elite four. Sun/Moon was unique, and trials had to be completed instead....

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Top 7 Bleach Characters

Bleach is one of my favourite anime, and since I’ve spent a lot of time talking to those who love it too, I’ve realised that some characters are preferred over others. 1 Ichigo This is obvious, since he’s the main character of the series. It’s really no surprise to find that he’s most people’s favourite character from the series. He’s incredibly strong too, and he is a good person. While he’s not my personal favourite character, he is still a character I like. 2 Rukia She’s one of my favourites, although it did take a while for me to...

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Anime Clichés

Anime clichés affect most anime, from bizarre hair colours to always sitting in a certain seat, here is a list of the most common anime cliché. In no particular order. Unnatural hair colours. Name an anime where every character has a natural hair colour… probably can’t name that many can you? Even some anime include the weirdest hair styles too, more commonly found in card game anime. This is sometimes a joke in anime, with some characters trying to convince other’s that their hair colour is natural. Examples include Bleach and Fruits Basket. The back window seat. You know...

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