Month: January 2017

Majora’s Mask Review

I’m prepared for the possible hate I may get for this… but I dislike Majora’s Mask. It’s the only Zelda game I’ve disliked. This is a review of the N64 version, since this is the one I have on my Wii. I’ve tried to play the game after completing the first three days, but I just can’t be bothered. The objective of the game is to get all the masks and then defeat Skull Kid or something. That sort of objective is not something I like. It’s the reason why I haven’t completed Fallout 4. I’m extremely lazy, if...

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Top 5 Funny Anime

I really enjoy funny anime. The funnier an anime is, the more likely I am to enjoy it. I love laughing. So here’s my top favourite funny anime. 1 Nichijou It’s kind of obvious that this anime is going to be on this list, it’s hilarious and it’s popular for that exact reason. There’s no storyline, it’s just a bunch of funny scenarios. This makes it great for me to watch at college, because it doesn’t matter if I go weeks without seeing an episode. It also doesn’t matter what episode I watch either. This anime is hilarious. I...

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Top 5 Non-Mainstream

1 Steins;Gate This is the first on the list, mainly due to how much I love this series. It’s got everything from good storyline to good characters. It’s one of my favourite anime and it’s surprising that not many people have seen it. What’s not to love about a microwave time machine? Tuturu ~ 2 Code Geass This is another example of a brilliant anime that isn’t super popular. It does have a big following, but not big enough to be considered mainstream. This anime is about a boy named Lelouch who gains ‘geass’, a power that allows him...

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My Thoughts on Short Anime

It’s very common for anime to only have 12/13 episodes. This is good for when I want to binge anime, but the short amount of episodes is sometimes not enough for an anime to be good. I personally hate it. I’ve seen so many anime that has 12/13 episodes and so much is missing. I believe that it’s not always enough time to fit in everything the anime needs for it to be good. By the time I get into the series, it’s pretty much over. If there’s not a second season, then that’s it. It’s very rare for...

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Are Studio Ghibli Films the Best?

Studio Ghibli films are really popular, so are they the best anime movies? The majority of the Studio Ghibli films I have seen were good. I do dislike The Cat Returns, and that’s definitely my least favourite despite it being the film to introduce me to Studio Ghibli and anime that isn’t what I watched growing up. There’s definitely good anime films that aren’t made my Studio Ghibli, such as Wolf Children, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Kimi No Na Wa (which is the current highest grossing anime film, overtaking Spirited Away). Studio Ghibli has earnt a...

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