Month: January 2017

What are Visual Novels?

Some anime are adapted from Visual Novels, so what are they? Visual Novels are interactive games, they mostly involve reading (which is obvious by its name), but they are different compared to a normal novel as it’s accompanied by pictures, speaking and multiple endings. Throughout the VN, you may be prompted to make decisions, in Clannad it’s obvious whereas it’s not so obvious in Steins;Gate. The choices can be selected from a menu, or it can be as simple as ignoring or answering a phone call. These can drastically change the outcome of the game, as well as what...

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Kono Suba Review

I started watching Kono Suba a few days ago, and it sounded exactly like an anime I’d enjoy… however I didn’t enjoy it at all. I did give up around three episodes in, but when I don’t like an anime I’d rather stop watching it and move onto another anime I do enjoy. The storyline has a lot of potential to be good, it’s just told in a slow and boring way. Nothing happens in the first episode, and it’s mainly talking. I felt like it was too busy concentrating on the ecchi aspect rather than the story. The...

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Seven of the Strongest Anime/Manga Characters

These are just some of the strongest anime/manga chapters that I have seen. These are neither the definitive strongest nor are they inclusive of all that anime/manga has available. Just a disclaimer to bypass the butthurt people this article might create. With that said let’s move on to our number 7.   Cadis Etrama De Raizel, The noblesse, the noblest of all nobles. From the hit manhwa, Noblesse. Raizel is the strongest vampire who controls blood magic. His feats include easily taking down a number foes too strong for anyone else to fight, fighting the lord of the Nobles,...

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elDLIVE First Impression

elDLIVE, the anime airing this season created by studio Pierrot has many great qualities to it. The 2017 winter anime based on the currently running manga series by Akira Amano, the author of the hit series Katekyo Hitman Reborn, has had quite the first impression. Overall, I think it will be alright. I will continue to watch it to the end.     The overall story seems ok. The idea of an intergalactic space police has been a rinse and repeat cycle. However, the Migi like creature growing out of Chuuta brings me closer into the series as a whole. The...

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Your Name, Another Record Broken

Your Name, the critically acclaimed anime movie written and directed by Makoto Shinkai has broken yet another record. As of January 15, 2017, Your Name became the highest grossing anime film worldwide, raking in $330 MILLION dollars. A beautiful story about love that is separated by distance, Your Name spins the tales of two lovers separated but manage to come together in front of our eyes despite all odds. A story of true wonder and the whole world does agree. The film was released at Anime Expo in July 3, 2016 and now has amassed so much recognition and fame. It has...

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