Month: February 2017

Koi to Uso Anime Adaptation!

A Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) anime adaptation has been greenlit and will be aired Summer 2017.   Koi to Uso is set in the future. Due to the low birth rate in Japan, a law has been put in place. The Yukari Law enforces all 16 year olds are giving a marriage partner by the government. The main character, Yukari Nejima, is assigned a marriage partner, Lilina Sanada, as he confesses to his crush, Misaki Takasaki.   It has been reported that Seiki Takuno (Yamada and the Seven Witches) is working with LIDEN FILMS as the director...

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Radwimps Are Pretty Rad

Radwimp, as you may know, is the band that sung the songs for the amazing 2016 anime hit movie, Your Name. I gotta say their songs are pretty amazing. Quite catchy and good vibes. But recently the songs were released in English, sung by the original band. The major songs they sung for Your Name were that you’ve probably already heard; Zen Zen Zense Sparkle Nandemonaiya Yumetourou Just a few weeks ago the songs were released in bits and parts in English. And they sound as a good as they do in Japanese and that is saying a lot....

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The Latest: Fairy Tail

We all know that Fairy Tail has no shortcomings on ass pullery. Whether it be the powers of friendship, a random newfound power, or just some straight up bullshit, Fairy Tail characters seem to get out a lot of shit. The latest chapters are no different. Why you ask? Well before you get spoiled let me warn you that I’m going to be discussing the latest chapters of Fairy Tail. You have been warned. ERZA CANNOT PULL THAT SAITAMA SHIT. She isn’t the strongest hero, she isn’t bald, she can’t beat monster and villains with one punch. So tell...

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Black Torch, HMMMMM

Black Torch is not your typical shounen series. It seems to portray a strong start with a headstrong main character with also a physically strong love interests and an interesting premise. If you haven’t read this, I highly recommend that you do, so that you too can experience the anguish and pain of waiting until March for the next chapter Black Torch was written and illustrated by Takaki Tsuyoshi, who hopes to make his presence known as this is his first serialized work. The first chapter was released with 70 pages around early or mid-January. With its sleek yet gritty...

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5 Bad Anime Adaptations

Sometimes we wait for our favourite manga to get an anime adaptation, and when it does it’s extremely disappointing. Whether it’s not following the manga, or it’s animation is poor, are some of the many reasons why an anime series is bad and disliked. So I’ve decided to create a list of bad anime adaptations, from my own personal views or from what I have witnessed on the internet/heard from friends. 1 Tokyo Ghoul I personally love Tokyo Ghoul, but then I haven’t read the manga. Everyone I know that has read the manga absolutely hates the anime. It’s...

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