Month: March 2017

Is Breath of the Wild better than Ocarina of Time?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is already loved by very many Zelda fans and critics. Some are even saying it’s better than Ocarina of Time – a very well loved Zelda classic. Everyone knows that Ocarina of Time is considered the best (although, it is considered overrated and Zelda fans argue about which one is the best) Zelda game of all time. So is Breath of the Wild better? From the incredibly high scores it received from critics, it’s definitely a good game. However, Ocarina of Time does have a higher Metacritic score. After browsing through...

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Top 5 Catchy Anime Openings!

Top 5 Catchy Anime Openings There are so many catchy anime openings. They’re all upbeat and get stuck in your head for days. So here’s a list of my personal top 5 catchy anime openings. 1 Lucky Star It doesn’t help that this anime is used a lot in Vines and misheard anime lyrics, but this song is always stuck in my head. It’s insanely catchy. I don’t even like it that much, I find it quite annoying – especially when it won’t get out of my head. 2 Bakemonogatari OP 4 This is too catchy. When I first...

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Top 5 Iconic Anime

5 Iconic Anime There are particular anime series that are very iconic, ones that even non-anime fans know. So I decided to put a list together of the anime series I think are most well-known, inside and outside the anime community. This is in no particular order. 1 Naruto I knew what Naruto was before I started watching anime. I’m sure a lot of people know about it, especially since it’s a very popular and well-known anime. It aired on TV where I live, I never watched it but I knew it existed. Anime rarely airs on TV in...

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Spring 2017 Anime!

The Spring anime season is almost here, and a new anime season means new anime series. The biggest anime that is airing this season is Attack on Titan season 2, which has been highly anticipated since the first series blew up in the anime community. Many fans have waited years for this sequel and it has finally arrived. Attack on Titan will be airing on April 1st. My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia) is also getting a season 2 which is airing during the Spring anime season. As well as Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in...

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UnTOUCHable Review!

I started reading Untouchable a year or two years ago. I read it when there were only 30 chapters. This is going to be a spoiler-free review. Untouchable currently has 137 English chapters and 138 Korean chapters (the English release is one week/one chapter behind the Korean release). I think there are two more English chapters left, because I read the latest Korean one and translated the last line which said ‘next epilogue’ (I used Google Translate). Untouchable is about vampires, but instead of drinking blood they have to have physical contact with humans so they can absorb their...

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