Month: March 2017

Kiss Him Not Me Review!

This anime is perfect for fujoshis. I love shoujo and I love yaoi and I enjoyed this anime. It is cliché which is a little bit off putting. Kiss Him Not Me is about Serinuma, a fujoshi, who loses a lot of weight after the death of her favourite character. This attracts the attention of a group of boys who are stunned by her transformation. This then leads them to compete for her love, not knowing that she is only interested in seeing them together. If you can get past the cliches, then this anime isn’t too bad. The animation is nice to look at, not the best I’ve seen but definitely not the worst. It does lack substance in the storyline, but character development is definitely there which makes up for the lack of decent storyline. Nothing really happens as an ongoing storyline, and each episode has it’s own unique story which is pretty much forgotten about in the next episode (though it may sometimes be referenced later on). This anime is like most shoujo out there already, but has enough yaoi hints for it to be unique. Take away the yaoi and fujoshis, and you have your bog standard shoujo series. The characters are all pretty loveable, I didn’t find any annoying which I find is common in shoujo. There’s a male character for everyone too, I’m...

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone Review!

I’ve had Future Tone for a week or so now, but I only got all of the songs a day ago. Because X was so bad, I wanted to try FT out before I went out and spent £45 on it. My first impression of it is that I like the new graphics, it looks so nice (although some older Project Diva PVs look awful). I’m not too keen on the new pressing various buttons together mechanic, it’s really difficult to get used to. I can do all four easily, it doesn’t require too much thinking, but the three...

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The Elder Scrolls Online Review

I recently bought this game and I have been playing it a lot, so I thought I would review it. Firstly, the game is fun, especially with friends. It’s also not too difficult, as long as you keep your level high enough and level up your character properly. Although, the game is more of an experiment until you learn what to do, in the beginning I concentrated on magika and ignored improving my health and stamina. The quests are fun, and they’re not too tedious to complete. Though occasionally some quests require going around in circles and talking to...

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All Praise Onii-Sama

Who do we praise? Of course the almighty Shiba Tatsuya. And, guess what. He is getting a new movie to showcase to us how badass he is, once again. It looks quite the movie. And I do hope it provides a quality story along with badass fights with Tatsuya owning everyone’s ass like he should. The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars. The movie is going to be released mid-June in Japan. Not much has been noted about the premise or the plot summary of the movie. But the first PV of...

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The Latest: Tokyo Ghoul; Re

Well, the last few chapters of Tokyo Ghoul are becoming quite great and even developing our story even more. With the invasion for the RC suppressants, Kaneki and the rest of Goat have been fighting with the remnants of the CCG and Aogiri. Long sought fights have been happening, and it’s really getting hyped up. But I have no idea what’s next. Well before you get spoiled let me warn you that I’m going to be discussing the latest chapters of Tokyo Ghoul: Re. You have been warned. Saiko loves Uri…. I ship it. I kinda like Saiko too,...

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