Month: April 2017

Top 3 Misleading Anime

Anime is always tricking us. Leading us to believe we’re watching a really cute anime and then it’s really dark and disturbing. Maybe they seemed funny and had a dark storyline. So here’s a list of misleading anime. 1 Puella Magi Madoka Magica This anime appears cute and innocent. It’s the opposite. It’s very dark, and I’m quite disturbed already even though I’m four episodes in. I’m not sure if I want to continue watching it. This is probably the most well-known misleading anime, since so many people were tricked by its misleading trailers and title. 2 Kill La...

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How Are Titans Created? Attack on Titan Theory!

Why do the titans exist? Where do they come from? They don’t have a reproductive system so we can rule that option out. I haven’t read the manga, and I’ve only seen the anime. So if you haven’t read the manga, then you can be assured that this is spoiler free. This is also a theory, it may or may not be correct, we’ll only find out how the titans came to be when the mangaka reveals it. Titans eat people. They don’t have a digestive system, so no one is really sure why they do it. They can...

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Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4 is the first game I’ve played from the series, and the game has been out a while. When I bought the game, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. Surprisingly, I love the game. Fallout 4 is set in a post-nuclear war world. The game starts off just before the war happened, where you’re given a glimpse of what the world looked like before you’re thrown into a vault and frozen for several years. Once you’ve escaped the fault, you set out on a journey to find your lost son, Shaun. You don’t have to follow the storyline...

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Top 5 The Sims 3 Expansion Packs

The Sims 3 has quite a few Expansion Packs (EP). So what are the best ones? 1 Supernatural This is one of my favourite EPs for TS3. It offers more possibilities for your sims. The vampires have been improved, you can be a fairy or a witch. The only downside to this EP is the life span of some supernatural creatures, but if you don’t like it there’s a mod that changes their life span to a normal human one (which is what I prefer). 2 Pets I love pets, and I love the addition of horses. Pets was...

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Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautiful game set in a world overrun by robots. The plot revolves around Aloy, an outcast, as she tries to discover more about the world and the secrets hidden underground. I can understand why this game received such high ratings. It’s a very good game, and I highly recommend it. The game has stunning graphics and visuals, everything appears to nice. It’s one of the most stunning games that I’ve ever played. I’m not too fussed about graphics, but I would have definitely played this game for the graphics alone had I not known...

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