This shoujo manga is the only shoujo manga I dislike that I remember the name for. I read the whole thing because I loved reading it. This will contain spoilers.

The reason why I hate it is pretty silly, it’s kind of the same reason why some people hate the ending for Bleach. The couple I shipped didn’t end up together.

It’s not just that though, it’s mainly because the series hinted at that pairing the whole time, until the main character suddenly decided ‘nah’ and then she went off with someone else. I was furious. I carried on reading it though (it is good, and the mangaka is pretty good at writing/drawing shoujo manga, I love Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet, but I fear that will be the same).

It has been so long since I’ve read this though. I haven’t re-read it recently, and I sort of refuse to, even though it’s a really good shoujo manga. I mainly remember it due to the unique art-style, and the fact that it’s the first shoujo I’ve read where the main ship doesn’t end up together.

The characters aren’t really remember able though. Since I can’t remember any of their names or much about them. However, none were annoying or dislikeable since I’d probably remember if they were, and I’d hate the series for that.

The series is a little bit cliché, but is mostly unique and unpredictable. I liked this about the series, as I would have grown bored of reading it had it followed a lot of shoujo clichés.

However, the plot isn’t something that’s exciting. It’s quite plain from what I can remember. Not a lot happens, and there’s definitely better shoujo manga out there story-wise. It’s not the most unique plot either

The ending isn’t the best either, again I’ve read better endings. I do remember that it’s quite abrupt, with things not being resolved properly. I felt extremely disappointed.

I also dislike the fact that there’s a love triangle. It’s such a cliché thing, which almost put me off the series when it was introduced. I hate love triangles because all they do is complicate things, and nothing good comes out of them. You’re either happy with the outcome or you’re not. There’s a chance your favourite pairing won’t happen, and in my case my favourite pairing didn’t happen in this manga even though it was the main pairing from the beginning.

Yes, the sudden change was unpredictable, but was it a good twist? No. It left me feeling heartbroken and devastated, and I’m sure more readers felt the same.

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