Anime clichés affect most anime, from bizarre hair colours to always sitting in a certain seat, here is a list of the most common anime cliché. In no particular order.

Unnatural hair colours.

Name an anime where every character has a natural hair colour… probably can’t name that many can you? Even some anime include the weirdest hair styles too, more commonly found in card game anime. This is sometimes a joke in anime, with some characters trying to convince other’s that their hair colour is natural. Examples include Bleach and Fruits Basket.

The back window seat.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. The seat that’s at the back of the classroom and right next to the window. The perfect spot for the main character to sit and stare out of the window, maybe spotting a falling Death Note. I can’t think of an anime where the main character doesn’t sit here.

Pervy characters.

There’s always a character that’s a perv. Whether it’s the main character (mainly in shounen harem series), or another character (sometimes best friend of the main character/ main male character). Anime series are full of perverts, they stare at the gender they’re attracted to and gush about their attractive features. Pervert characters are mainly male, but I have seen a few female perverts.

Bath scene.

I have seen so many bath scenes in anime. Whether it’s a hot spring bath scene or just a normal one, they seem to plague most anime. Do people not have original settings to put in their stories? Why just bath scenes… which leads me on to the next cliché.

Beach scene

While not as common as the bath scene, it’s still pretty common. I can name so many anime that has a beach scene. The most unnecessary/random beach scene has to go to Bleach. I guess soul reapers enjoy the beach too.

Nose bleeds

It’s a miracle that anime characters haven’t dropped dead from the amount of blood they’ve lost due to nose bleeds. This cliché tends to affect the pervert characters more than others, but no one is safe from the anime nose bleed.

Absent parents

It’s so common for the main characters parent’s to be notably absent from said character’s life. The most common reason for this is that they’re away on some trip, or the character lives alone because they moved out. Or their parents died…

Character eats a lot and never gains weight

I know so many characters that can eat so much and not put on a single pound (I can hear Yuuri’s cries in the distance).

Toast Run

How many characters have woken up late for school and ended up running to school with toast in their mouth? Too many. This is extremely overused and I’m sure an anime has mocked this, but I can’t remember its name.

Hairstyle of death

Name a character’s mother who has not had a particular hairstyle and died… it’s unlikely that you can. I know Tohru’s mother, Kyoko, (Fruits Basket) didn’t have this particular hairstyle and she died (not really a spoiler, it’s stated on the first page of the manga).

Were there any clichés I forgot about? Leave a comment below!