Sometimes we wait for our favourite manga to get an anime adaptation, and when it does it’s extremely disappointing. Whether it’s not following the manga, or it’s animation is poor, are some of the many reasons why an anime series is bad and disliked. So I’ve decided to create a list of bad anime adaptations, from my own personal views or from what I have witnessed on the internet/heard from friends.

1 Tokyo Ghoul

I personally love Tokyo Ghoul, but then I haven’t read the manga. Everyone I know that has read the manga absolutely hates the anime. It’s understandable, since the anime went off and did its own thing and stopped following the manga. So to fans who really love the manga, it’s pretty obvious why the anime is disappointing to them.

2 Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu

I absolutely loved the manga, so when I found out there was an OVA series, I quickly started to watch it. To then realise that they decided to just ignore the first 20 chapters which contained crucial character and story development! I was furious, and incredibly disappointed. I didn’t make it past 5 minutes before giving up and re-reading the manga again. How could they do that to my favourite shoujo manga?

3 Deadman Wonderland

I tried watching this, but it wasn’t faithful to the manga (which I’ve read), and it doesn’t include the whole manga series either. They left out important characters, that would have been needed if the series had a second season. I watched the first episode and decided it wasn’t worth it. The manga is very, very good. The anime however? Very disappointing. I’m sure this anime would be really popular, if the anime wasn’t awful.

4 Akame Ga Kill

I have only seen half of this, and I started watching it when Wave appeared. So I can’t really comment on the series. But from what I’ve heard, a lot of people disliked it. I’ve also heard that they’re re-making it, but I’m not sure how true that is.

5 Rosario + Vampire

I’ve heard that the manga is good, but a lot of people hate the anime. This is because the anime does its own thing, and doesn’t follow the manga. Maybe it’s a sign that for an anime to be decent, it has to follow its source material faithfully. I wonder when anime studios will learn.

That’s the end of this list! Are there any anime series that you think are bad? Leave a comment below!