I enjoy anime, and I especially enjoy characters that can’t be beaten by no mere mortals. Most anime’s have a character that, no matter what befalls them, defeat their enemy no matter the odds. Whenever these characters appear on screen, they cause us viewers to smile, knowing that it’s about to go down. The five characters I will present to you are my personal top five picks for the most powerful characters I’ve seen so far. This doesn’t effect the actual top five most powerful characters across anime, but It’s the five I feel deserve to hold the title.

1. Saitama from One-Punch Man



Saitama is one character who is as powerful as he is forgetful. A running joke is his inability to remember peoples names. He began his training with the intent to help people, but ultimately became too strong, and now searches for an opponent that actually poses a challenge.
From Lord Boros to Sea King, it only takes one punch to take these guys down. Us fans love the fact that no matter the enemy, no matter the circumstance, Saitama will take them out, and not even do it with a serious attitude.

2. Zeref from Fairy Tail


Zeref is the darkest wizard to walk in the realm of Fairy Tail. Everyone knows this character, as references are consistently made about him. A 400 year old wizard that has created countless demons, and has the complete power of death, with the ability to kill anything around him with a burst of power.


Info Source: http://www.thetoptens.com/strongest-fairy-tail-characters/

3. Alucard from Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate


Are you a night creature? A sucker of blood? Then your worst nightmare would be Alucard, the undead servant of the Head of the Hellsing Organization, Integra Wingates Hellsing. A character of many faces, his hair even changes length depending on his release form (each form is a different level of power.) He uses two pistols containing the length of a human arm named the Jackal and the Castle. He is known by many names, like Dracula, the Diablo, and the Demon Dog.
He fights with a ferocious demeanor, usually not killing his target until they have been defeated and humiliated. Yet, he still retains his own humanity, if not only a sliver, because he still can shed tears. Even his own arch-nemesis, Alexander Anderson, says that he isn’t completely lost, that he can still retain what he lost. His inability to die is evident in the second series. He apparently died two times, but reformed after a number of years each time. The third time he “died”, it took him 30 years to appear back at the side of his human handler, the same as ever before.

4. Zeno the Omni-King from Dragon Ball Z


The ruler of, well, basically everything. He oversees the 12 universes in the Dragon Ball Z Series, and can basically do whatever he pleases. His speech is a bit simple, usually speaking in short sentences followed always by the word see.
He had destroyed 6 of the original 18 universes, and is noted to be the closest thing to an actual God the Dragon Ball series actually has. His appearance seems to be childish but colorful, his face striped in Blue and Purple, and he can always be seen wearing a bright robe. He has two Omni Kanjis on his chest as well.
He has a childish sense of humor, relevant to his appearance. However, he takes his duties of balancing the 12 remaining universes. He takes a particular interest in Goku, even allowing him to shake his hand, talk to him directly, and even pick him up like a child.
5. Kaguya Otsutsuki of the Naruto Series
This character is particularly strong due to the reason that she was the first to ever have been able to use chakra, due to her consumption of fruit from the God-Tree.
She is actually from another world, and with the power to wipe minds, became the concubine of the Land of Ancestors Emperor, Tenji. A border dispute between the Land of Ancestors and the Land of That forced Tenji to call a decree to execute anyone threatening the larger states, which she did when threatened by the Land of That. Tenji hunted her and her assistant, Aino, across the land for execution.
She lost her faith in humanity, but still wished for peace, she attempted to gain powers of a god, so that she can end all conflicts due to the malleable nature of the humans. She acomplished this, then used her power Infinite Tsukuyomi to end all conflict. She became worshiped as a goddess for this feat, but soon was saw as a demon as her distrust in humanity made her commit terrible acts of evil. In a battle with her two sons, Hagaromo and Hamura, she combined herself with the God-Tree, becoming the 10-Tail Churiki, but was defeated, sealed away in the moon, and beget the teaching of ninshu to humanity.

I hope you enjoyed this, and to see the complete backgrounds and the 5 characters listed here, I ask that you check the source information yourself, and I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it. (Note that these are my top 5 picks, and yours may vary!)