The thin line between games and movies is so thin right now that there are some game that actually feel like movies. With development in VFX industry and animations games are like playable movies.

5. Uncharted 4
The Uncharted series unquestionably owes a debt to Indiana Jones. Each game follows a treasure hunter who can’t shave as he races to find some fabled relic before his less ethical rivals can do the same. Said rivals end up beating him to the treasure, but in doing so unleash some kind of supernatural evil that our hero then has to contain

4. Heavy Rain
This dark thriller follows a father as he tries to prevent his son from falling victim to a demented serial killer. The story is endlessly compelling, with one plot twist after another pulling players toward one of many possible conclusions.

3. The Walking Dead Season One
The atmosphere of the television show, the Walking Dead, is dark and full of mood elements. The game mirrors this environment incredibly well. The characters are easy to identify with, and the gameplay is tense. The story of the game is about the struggle to find Clementine’s parents. As you play this game you will feel like you are immersed in the story, just as you do when watching a great film.

2. Dead Space
It wouldn’t be hard to make the case that the Dead Space trilogy is the best horror gaming experience of the past console generation. These games put you through the ringer time and again as you fend off an army of terrifying beasts in outer space. They also have you do things like insert a needle into your eye, which is equally horrifying whether you succeed or fail.

What other Games felt like Movies to you? Let us know down below!