One Piece is an manga and anime written by Eiichiro Oda. Serialized since July 19th, 1997, One Piece has been running for almost 19 years with almost 82 volumes, 831 chapters and 750 episodes. It can be considered by some as a useless endeavor, not worth most people’s time. Time that could be used to watch at least 30 other smaller animes. But, even though this show is so ridiculous massive, it is completely worth it, to watch or read all of this great adventure. This show provides many aspects that not many other shows have and it’s all packed into one long, fantastic anime that you need to watch and here’s why

Number 1 : The Anime is Fantastic
From the characters to their powers to even just the mechanics of the One Piece world, it is all so amazing. You have the mysterious devil fruits whose consumption grants the user an imaginable power at the cost of their ability to swim, a rather odd rule if the entire One Piece world wasn’t just a giant ocean with tiny islands. You have characters who are badass even without Devil Fruits like Zoro or Shanks, proving that you don’t need magical powers to kick ass. Later on in the series you get introduced to a new power called Haki, which only further increase the character’s abilities to kick some series marine butt. Even the somewhat worthless and weak characters have their moments where they are just the coolest characters in the entire show. Every character has their moments to shine and you just can’t bring yourself to hate even one of them (except for Akainu)

Number 2: The Ships Are So Cute… Even Though They Don’t Go Anywhere
And no I don’t mean the pirate ships. But the pairings in this anime are also very well made. Even though romance is not a main focus, (even though the pilot was called Romance Dawn) it is still evident and can also be inferred by the fandom. Romance is usually made fun of in this anime only for the fact that our main character, Monkey D. Luffy, is stupid to care about anything but eating, fighting and adventuring. Still whether you are for Luffy x Nami, or Luffy x Hancock or even Luffy x Robin, the ships unite the fans. *Cough (Luffy x Hancock for life) Cough*

Number 3: It Can Get Really Philosophical
Even though One Piece is your typical shonen, mainstream, friendship beats all type of animes with those kinds of lessons, it still has many other important philosophical ideas that are discussed all through the series. One of my personal favorite quotes from this anime comes from one of the antagonist of the show during, one of the most action packed arcs of the series. “Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!” Donquixote Doflamingo. This particular character is seen as very intelligent character, thinking two or three steps against his enemies. His words ring true even in our world. Whoever wins the war, the battle, the fight is the one who dictates the rules. It reminds of a similar quote said by Winston Churchill “History is written by the victors” Of course this is not the only deep, thought provoking idea, One Piece is chock full of them.
Number 4: The Feels A.K.A The Saddest Parts Of This Show
This shows has no deficiency in the amount of the sad moments. Every arc has at least one if not more. If I described them to you, that would just be spoilers so I’ll use the vaguest terms I can to explain. The show’s feels lie in its ability to have you not only shed tears for the fallen characters, but even feel sadness in your heart for the enemies… not all of them though. Don’t take it that far. It shows you that all people have feelings even though they are the enemy, even though they don’t matter, even though they aren’t real. Trust me, if you get into this show and really watch it, you’ll be crying over a boat.

Number 5: The Artistical Progress Is Crazy
Watching One Piece from the start to the current point is amazing. You really feel that you are growing with the characters, not only by their development but by the way they are drawn as well. The mangaka, or author of One Piece really did a great job improving his artwork over the 19+ years it has been running, and this progression is really shown throughout the manga and the anime. You really feel that you have been with these characters for a long time even though you just binge read the entire manga in a night.

Number 6: It’s Long But That Just Makes The Journey Much More Epic
While it is definitely true that 750+ episodes can be a little daunting to say the least, if you stick to it you’ll catch up in no time. One Piece is the type of show that hooks you and just keeps you going. You will always want to see the new arc, the new techniques, the new characters. You will be suspense until the last episodes of every arc, waiting, just waiting to see how the Strawhat Pirates pull themselves out of this one. But, sometimes they don’t. It truly is worth it to start this amazing series. While the length may scare you, it is anime, don’t look at it as a chore. It’s not 750+ episodes of boring, uninteresting crap, its 750+ episodes of pure enjoyment and fun all around.

Number 7: Not A Real Reason But… The Plot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
While the storyline of One Piece is deep, imaginative and just a full blown action packed ride, that’s not the plot I’m talking about. All the reasons I have just stated are real reasons to watch One Piece because it is a true master “piece” aha puns. No offense to the female readers of this article or to anyone else for that matter but we have to talk about since it is also a “huge” part of the show and that is… the boobies. All most all of the female characters, and I said almost all are overly sexualized. That’s a fact. There certainly is no reason for any of the characters in One Piece to have such large boobs… but it certainly appealing to look at. Well drawn female characters are one of the reasons people do read manga and watch anime but it is by no means the only reason nor is it the most important. There are some characters who are not overly sexualized but are still appealing. But, those are the minority of the characters. The fanservice does get out of hand and this kind of fanservice is not really necessary in most animes. Still, in the end… it certainly is appealing. It is a huge part of the anime and manga culture, and while it is usually used against anime such as this one, it should by no means turn you away from this anime. The female characters that are part of this trend in this show do truly have much more to offer than their appearances. They are all very capable and strong characters with vital roles to story and the show could not go on without them. Their sole purpose isn’t fan service. While this doesn’t excuse the fanservice, that doesn’t mean the fan service won’t be present. This show has a lot more to offer than over sexualized female characters and fanservice… but then again, boobies


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