This game was a huge disappointment to several gamers, especially to those who were excited for it. Since I wasn’t excited for it, I can’t really be disappointed, and my expectations are extremely low.

I have finally played this game. I made the mistake of playing creative first. I got bored very, very quickly. It also took a lot to figure out how to actually play the game, since there’s no tutorial or anything telling you what to do. Which, in my opinion, is awful.

This review won’t be like the others, since the game has changed quite a bit since it was released and new features have been added. I can personally say it’s not as bad as people made it out to be.

While it’s not the best game I’ve played, and the graphics aren’t something to rave about. It’s pretty much a sci-fi version of Minecraft, just minus the creative freedom. Since the objective of this game is to mine stuff, save up units to buy cool ships, and to explore the solar system. It also lacks any sort of tutorial, so I ended up wandering around with no idea what to do (on creative, on the normal mode it tells you what to do, kinda, but I’ll address this later).  It also lacks any sort of multiplayer, which is why I’d probably choose to play Minecraft over this game. I love multiplayer since it makes the game less-lonely, and it’s surprising how lonely it is to explore a massive area on your own.

The normal gameplay is fun-ish. It’s not something I’d be able to play a lot and often, more something to spend an hour or so while I wait for something.

I do hate the lack of saving features, the only way to save is to make a save point and if you don’t have the materials then you’re pretty screwed until you can make one. I wouldn’t have known how to save if I hadn’t played creative first and found out that way.

There’s not really much of an objective, and the game is very limiting creatively, even on creative mode. The game lacks so much, and it has so much potential so it’s sad to say that it’s not as good as it could be. Maybe more features will be released.

The only direction the game gives you in normal mode is to repair your ship, after that there’s nothing so it’s explore until you find something to do. Which is pretty boring, especially since there’s not much to do to begin with. Travelling to places takes forever too, and the pulse engine fuel doesn’t last long enough for it to be useful. Sometimes, the pulse engine isn’t quite fast enough to get to some planets, so it’s boring just sitting there watching the time go down.

Overall, I did have fun playing it. Hopefully there’s some sort of multiplayer brought out in the future, this would definitely make the game fun and more enjoyable.

Have you played No Man’s Sky? If you have, what did you think of the game? Leave a comment below!