With the release of the translated version of the 78th chapter of Akame Ga Kill, the story has finally come to end. Spoilers will ensue so if you have not finished it, make sure to check it out

The Empire beaten, Esdeath vanquished, the emperor captured and Minster getting what he fucking deserved. Overall, as a fan, I can appreciate the ending and how everything was tied up nicely. BUT, that is not why I started reading Akame Ga Kill. I read this manga because it was a fresh new and disturbing manga. For it to end on such a happy and fairy tale like tone was quite cheesy. But, everything was tied up nicely so there is a pro to that con.

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Tatsumi surviving his dragon transformation was quite bs, it didn’t make any sense and while I did want him to live, it would have made more sense if he died. Leone died and she was an amazing character with great powers and great “plot” but I liked that she didn’t have a happy ending.  The point of this manga was to not have a happy ending. The minister, I have to say, got everything he deserved. Being attacked by every person of the empire for his crimes and his torture being left in the annals of history as one of the most gruesome evenst was especially satisfying. AND GODDAMN, I have to give kudos to the kid emperor. Even though, throughout the entire series, he was a naive little shit, at his last moments he was a fucking boss.  He took his death like a man. I don’t know why they included the weird assassin girl who kept Esdeath’s hand but whatever that was interesting to see. Mine waking up when Dragon Tatsumi hugged her was also some major bs that I was not fond of. Apparently, she was pregnant too so there is that. Wave x Kurome still going strong which is fine to see. Pretty shit that Wave didn’t have some Tatsumi Bs pulled on him for using two Teigus but whateves. Akame not getting her happy ending and still working as an assassin was good, I like that she didn’t have some kind of happy stuff happen to her too. The ending was bittersweet, but I liked it, when Akame reminisced about her time with her friends and cherished those moments but she moved forward. I liked the ending cliffhanger page as well. Overall pretty good ending, except for the BS parts of happy endings.

We say goodbye to an amazing manga series that gave us great powers, great characters and of course a gruesome plot. We bid thee farewell, and will always remember you for the great things you have done