We all know this man, this great being of immense power and if you don’t… well shame on you. How could you not know of the great Tatsuya, all praise to him, the great savior and magician. Shiba Tatsuya is the main protagonist for the series The Irregular at Magic High School or Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. And he is a seriously overpowered and broken character. He can do so much with quite few drawbacks.


His powers include being very adept at hand to hand combat, canceling and deconstructing any magic, being able to fire magical guns at high speeds and restore any object,living or inanimate, to its original state. Looking at his arsenal may not make him seem like a broken character, but goddamn, the way he shuts his enemies down is truly amazing. He can overpower any sort of foe, whether he faces armies of elite mercenary magicians or just singular grand wizard who could kick anyone else ass. He is truly worthy of praise


The drawbacks to his powers are what makes him even worthy of praise. Tatsuya has no capacity to feel emotions, which makes him even more worthy because he will never be angry or adamant about anything. He will always do what is calculated to be the correct way.


The only solace to bring his overpowered character down a bit is due to the face of regrowth power on humans, When trying to cure people with his Regrowth magic, he will assume upon his own body all the injuries sustained. It’s basically a reversal of damage but instead of a period of time, Tatsuya experiences that physical pain in just one second. But his ability to tank all of that and still kick ass is just more praiseworthy. All praise to Tatsuya.