Anime openings and endings are a gateway into an existing and new field of music that is quite interesting to listen to even if you don’t speak the language. JPop is the music you hear in mostly every episode of anime. And if you witness enough, you will become interested in the rest of the spectrum that Japan has to offer.


Anime openings that are quite catchy will lead you to replay these songs in your head just like any other normal song. You could replay the episode to listen to the opening again but that would be too inconvenient. So what do you do? You search the song name on youtube


Set that video in loop for a couple days until you get physically and mentally sick of the song and eventually let the video skip to next song, a song by the same band. You start getting more and more involved with the band and then you move to listen to all their songs


Then after you have listened to those for a couple thousand times each, you move on to another band of Jpop, not even featured in animes. And you look back to realized, what a great journey you have been on, and it won’t end.


I remember how it went for me. I started out with Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung Fu one Generation featured as the second Naruto opening which led me into their band where I got and still am obsessed with the song Kimi to Ui Hana. This led me into many other bands including Vocaloid with Hatsune Miku. Currently I am stuck on One Ok Rock, which is just amazing. My favorite song from them is probably Jibun Rock, awesome song and really amazing music video. The only real issue with Jpop is that I don’t speak Japanese and that kind of sucks4