The internet is full of them, the ships as they are called. The pairing of two characters in an anime to force them together in the eyes of the fans whether it be between a man and women, man and man, woman and woman or being and being. There is no shortage of ships that set sail from everyone harbors. The ability to ship is fueled by a passion, imagination and sometimes how well you can write or draw fan art.

Shipping is a pure art form. It can create romance out of thin air, even in the most serious of situations. The way it is most commonly used is to pair two characters you know and want to end up together. Ships are denoted by having the names of the characters connected with an X or a cuter way of doing such is to mash up their names into one

There have been many ships that have been popular throughout the history of anime that have come true. Like, NarutoxHinata or NaruHina and IchigoxOrihime or IchiHime. But man, cannon shipping cause real turmoil. There is an abundance of butthurt fans that wanted NarutoxSakura and IchigoxRukia to come true. Sucks doesn’t it. (I’m a fan of both NaruHina and IchiHime, so I was a happy camper)

Shipping is a fun activity and makes romance animes even cuter. Though there are certain drawbacks. The most notable one is that most ships never become cannon meaning they never become true. While some ships are implausible, like yaoi or yuri shippings in non- homosexually related animes, some just don’t come true. Thus leaving many people to be dissatisfied, but they will always have their fanfics and fanart to keep them happy.