Anime isn’t always something that’s safe to view in public, from ecchi series like Prison School and High School DxD to gory anime like Elfen Lied and Another. So what is suitable to watch in public? Do you want to risk people thinking you’re weird or a pervert? If you don’t want to be caught out when you’re watching what you thought was a clean anime that turned out to be a little rude, then read ahead.

Firstly, I have to say that Naruto isn’t the safest, it mostly is, except for when either Naruto or Konohamaru do their sexy jutsu. I was unlucky to have to view Konohamaru’s in college and I hope no one looked at my screen at that moment. Bleach is mostly safe too.


Darker Than Black is sort of safe, though I do recall a man touching up a doll, and I was unlucky to have to view this scene in college (I swear, if there’s a slightly inappropriate scene I will always view it when I’m watching the anime at college). But that’s episode 18 I think and the rest of the series is fine (before that episode, I haven’t finished it yet).

Fruits Basket is safe, but characters do have the tendency to appear naked, but it’s done in a way that’s funny and everything is covered up with clouds or objects. Ouran High School Host Club is also safe, and most shoujo anime are safe too.

Death Note is also okay, since it’s not gory and there’s no nudity at all. Attack on Titan is also okay (but it’s slightly gorier than Death Note).


But whatever you do, do not watch Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) in public. There’s a lot of nudity, gore and there’s implied rape scenes. As well as an implied sex scene thrown in somewhere too. I’m so glad that I watched the majority of this at home, since I learnt very early on that it’s not something I should be watching while at school.

On the topic of nudity, High School of the Dead is a no too, unless you can remember what episode the bath scene is in and then skip that episode. It’s super ecchi too, so maybe it’s best to just watch this in the privacy of your home.


Moe like Nichijou and Lucky Star are definitely safe, since they’re pretty innocent.

Maybe it’s best if you just view anime on a small screen that is easily hidden from everyone else… or to just avoid watching anime in public.

What are some anime that you know are safe to watch in public? Leave a comment below!