This 12-episode anime was a lot better than I thought. I was just expecting a really gory anime with a little bit of storyline, however I got a good storyline and plenty of gore. It was definitely a lot better than I expected, and because of this it is one of my favourite horror anime. It didn’t scare me, like I had hoped, but I did enjoy watching it. It was very good at creating a creepy-atmosphere.

This will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t yet seen this anime then come back when you have.


It didn’t have the most-likeable characters. I didn’t like anyone enough to consider them a favourite, but I prefer Mei out of everyone. I found some of the students stupid, especially since they didn’t tell the main character why Mei was being ignored (but then that wouldn’t create any suspense… which is what kept me watching it).

Maybe it was done this way so we wouldn’t cry when they died. Although, I almost cried when Izumi (the girl with the long pigtails) died. Even though I disliked her.


The storyline was very interesting, which made up for the lack of likeable characters. I mainly stuck around to find out why all the students were dying and about the curse on the class. The story wasn’t predictable at all, I never guessed who extra “student” was and I wasn’t expecting it to not be a student at all.


I was convinced that Mei was a ghost for ages. No one could see her, so I assumed she was a ghost which is why she was ignored by everyone. That definitely wasn’t the case at all.

Her freaky eye power thing was pretty cool too, although she could have easily stopped the calamity as soon as they found out that the extra student had to die. She knew who it was and kept quiet. But then that would ruin the plot.


I’m not a big fan of the art style, but it’s not too bad. The colours definitely fit the genre of the anime. I don’t think it would look right if it was really bright and colourful.

Some of the death scenes were pretty hilarious too. Especially the girl that snapped her neck when she went to kill Mei.


I was so happy when she died. Mainly because she tried to kill Mei.

In addition, most of the deaths are pretty hilarious. The first umbrella death made me cringe and look away, since I knew what was going to happen.


There’s also a lovely collection of images/memes including pies.


Okay, I’m done. Seriously though, type Another anime pie into Google Images. You won’t regret it.

So what are your thoughts on this anime? Leave a comment below!