I read this manga series over a year ago, and I read it in the space of a few days. I couldn’t stop reading it and it’s one of my favourite shoujo series. I still need to watch the anime series, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch it in case it’s a bad adaptation. I loved reading it so much, so I’d hate to see another great shoujo series ruined by an awful anime adaptation. This happened with my favourite shoujo series, Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu. Also, Fruits Basket has a pretty disappointing anime series if you take into consideration how much was left out. Anyway…

Firstly, it isn’t overly cliché, and was different compared to most shoujo manga series I’ve read. The main character wasn’t annoying, I like her. While she made her mistakes, she was trying to overcome them by changing her ways (acting less girly).

At the same time I felt bad for her, she really liked Kou and he was such a dick to her when he came back into her life.

Kou is such a dick, but I couldn’t help but like him anyway. He did redeem himself over the course of the manga anyway.

The relationship development between Futaba and Kou is just frustrating. I think that’s what kept me reading. Their relationship wasn’t smooth at all, and was incredibly rocky in parts. It felt like they were taking one step forward to only take two back. I really wanted to just push them into each other and tell them to kiss already. But this is what made their relationship so memorable compared to every other shoujo couple. It wasn’t cliché, they didn’t get together early on and it didn’t take 50 chapters for them to confess.

They kiss! Which doesn’t happen in the anime apparently (I might just re-read the manga again).

This is definitely a shoujo manga I recommend, it’s one of the best I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot). It’s also one you can re-read a few times, which makes it even better.

So what are your thoughts on Ao Haru Ride? Leave a comment below!