Studio Ghibli films are really popular, so are they the best anime movies?

The majority of the Studio Ghibli films I have seen were good. I do dislike The Cat Returns, and that’s definitely my least favourite despite it being the film to introduce me to Studio Ghibli and anime that isn’t what I watched growing up.

There’s definitely good anime films that aren’t made my Studio Ghibli, such as Wolf Children, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Kimi No Na Wa (which is the current highest grossing anime film, overtaking Spirited Away).

Studio Ghibli has earnt a very good reputation over the years, most films that have been released have been well-received. Spirited Away was the highest grossing anime film until Kimi No Na Wa was released.

They’re also a very well-known anime studio, and most people will watch a film purely because it was made by Studio Ghibli. When you watch a Studio Ghibli film, you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy it.

The films are also very well made, with their animation and unique art-style. When you watch a film made by them, you can be certain that it’s of a high quality.

Although, I do own more non-Studio Ghibli films, since a SG film tends to be pretty expensive to buy compared to a non-SG film.

I wouldn’t say SG films are the best, since there are very good anime films by other studios. They’re definitely good, and I’d always recommend them, but I’d hate to say they’re the best. It’s like putting down every other successful anime film that’s not made by them.

My favourite anime film isn’t a Studio Ghibli one. I absolutely love The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I do love Howl’s Moving Castle and that’s definitely my favourite SG film.

Overall, Studio Ghibli films are good. They’re well made, they have decent storylines and most of their films are enjoyable to watch. They are pricey compared to non-SG films, which puts me off from buying them. I can’t always afford to spend £12 on a DVD I’ll only watch a few times, I’d rather buy something like Summer Wars which is about £3/£4. There are some really good non-SG films too, which is the reason why I won’t say Studio Ghibli films are the best.

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