From game-breaking glitches, to save data being deleted, these games aren’t exactly the best. So are these games as great as everybody remembers them?

The first thing I have to discuss is the internal batteries. Once these die, so does your save, and you can’t save anymore until the battery is replaced. While it is easy to replace the internal battery, and the batteries do last several years, it is still annoying when the battery goes flat and any saved data is wiped. My Yellow save was wiped, and this should have been obvious to me when my save started going weird (disappearing then re-appearing), but the only way to replace the battery while saving the saved data is by making sure the game has electricity while the battery is being replaced – which isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’re an 18-year old student.

However, this problem is easily over-come if you re-purchase the game through the E-Store on your 3DS, meaning battery and save data will no longer be an issue (unless you forget to save and your DS dies, but then that’s your fault rather than the game itself).


Some glitches are pretty cool, since you can obtain Mew very early on (and any Pokémon you want) as well as clone items and get free money (Missingno glitch). It’s even possible to complete the game in under a minute by exploiting glitches. However, it’s possible to cause the save data to corrupt if you turn the game off a certain amount of time after saving begins.

If the Missingno glitch is done (by talking to the old man in Viridian City and then flying to Cinebar Island, then surfing on the right edge of the island which will then lead to a M, Missingno or a random pokemon encounter) the hall of fame will be messed up, which isn’t good if you care about your hall of fame.


If you perform the glitch that allows your character to walk on walls, and you save on water without a Pokémon that knows surf or fly etc. (anything that you can use to get away without walking), when you reload your save you’ll be stuck there with no way of escaping.

But since most glitches don’t break your game unless you’re silly enough to save where you shouldn’t, you should be fine. Glitches can be pretty fun, and they’re the only reason why I still play my Red and Yellow games today. The games aren’t as great as the ones released in the past few years, but I believe all the imperfections of the original games are what makes them great.


So what are your thoughts on the original Pokémon games? Leave a comment below!