I watched this anime a while ago (I think when the series was a year old). I’ve seen it almost two times, once all the way through and then the second time I watched quite a few episodes with friends but I’m certain we skipped a few.

This anime starts off so slowly, it took me two attempts to get into it. The first time I watched it, my phone decided to turn off randomly in the middle of the second episode and I couldn’t be bothered to re-watch the episode until I got to the part I was at since I couldn’t skip on my phone at the time. Then a few months later I gave it another shot and I didn’t get into the series until around episode 5.

But when I did get into it… I couldn’t stop watching it. I binge watched the whole series. It was just so enjoyable to watch and it was so exciting.

I have to admit that it’s a little overhyped, since it’s not the best series I have seen. It’s definitely a series I enjoyed though. But one thing that has made me hate the series slightly is how long I’ve had to wait for a second season. I feel sorry for those who watched it as soon as it aired in Japan! The second season was rumoured to be released last April (2016), but we got Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress instead (which was very good).

Attack on Titan was released in April 2013, the series will be 4 years old when the next season is released (apparently April 2017). For an anime that’s popular, it’s weird that they’ve waited so long to produce a second season, since some anime series get a second season within a few months if it’s really popular.

I found it difficult to like the characters, and I didn’t get upset when some of them died. I only liked Zoe, Levi and Mikasa. Some characters just didn’t seem relevant enough so I didn’t pay attention to them. Normally I pay attention to all the characters, but for this series I didn’t. I guess the focus was on story rather than characters. If the character isn’t plot relevant then they’re not focused on.

Then again, my opinion on this anime isn’t the best, since I can only really remember the storyline and what characters I liked, I can’t remember any little details.

So what do you think of this anime? Leave a comment below!