Author: Jessica Dillon

Sailor Moon: Original Vs. Crystal

Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic series in anime spanning two different tv series and 12 manga volumes. It has quickly become one of the most classic Japanese anime ever produced and is loved around the globe by fans resulting in record-breaking merchandise sells. The series has even gotten live- action plays and it’s own movie thanks to it’s growing popularity, in fact, there is even a museum dedicated to Sailor Moon in Tokyo, Japan. Around the world, a lot of young girls grew up watching Sailor Moon through Networks like Toonami by Cartoon Network. This huge...

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Inuyasha: The Timeless Tale

Inuyasha is a timeless anime classic about the struggle to recover the Shikon jewel from the hands of evil by the reincarnation of a priestess named Kikyo and her lover Inuyasha.  The manga and anime are amazingly exciting and while a little longer than most series tied up nicely and has very few if any weak points. The anime clocks in at around 200 episodes and the manga has 56 volumes.  On top of that their are 4 movies that were all hits within the anime community upon their release.  Inuyasha is based in a fairy tale version of...

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Loot Anime Review

  So, we got our hands on a box of Loot Anime from Loot Crate this month. The theme was back to school and featured  Assassination Classroom, Fruits Basket, Utena, Digimon, Daganronpa, and Persona 3. The items were all of pretty good quality and stuck to the theme extremely well, the box at 29.99 was also a pretty great price for the contents inside of it and the purchase felt well worth it.  Out of most of Loot Crates boxes this one if definitely one of the best, and well worth your money.   Revolution Girl Utena Bento Box:...

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Why Reading The Danmachi Manga Is Worth It

A while ago we had a new action/adventure anime titled “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, and despite its name was not at all about the morality of trying to find a date while dungeon crawling. Nicknamed Danmachi, this show proved to be a very well done and beloved piece about a young adventurer named Bell trying to become strong enough to win the heart of his crush and idol; Aiz Wallenstein. While the 13 episode series did not cover all of the material from the light novels it came from we English speakers are...

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What Is Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a Japanese farm simulation game with an emphasis on managing your own farming business and family. The game has several entries in the series generally taking place in different towns and locations with varying storylines.  The games all have great tutorials to them and help introduce new players to the mechanics quickly and seamlessly. The system and controls are pleasant to use and help the game instantly become addictive making the game a process that you can sink tons of hours into. The Harvest Moon Franchise has been going since the Super Nintendo and even has...

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