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Top 5 Shoujo Manga

  I love shoujo manga. If I’m reading manga, I’m most likely reading shoujo. I’ll rarely read anything else. I’ve read a lot of different shoujo manga series, I’ve finished quite a lot, whereas some I haven’t due to them never being updated, or not updated enough so I forgot what was happening. This list is based off of my own opinion. Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu   This is one of the first shoujo manga I read, and is one of my favourites. The anime series for it sucks, they skipped the first twenty chapters which included very important...

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Top 5 Shoujo Anime

I love shoujo anime and manga, so I decided to make a list of my top 5 shoujo anime. I’ll probably make a list on shoujo manga later, since some manga series either have no anime adaptation or the one created was awful (*cough* Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu *cough*). If you don’t yet know, shoujo is anime/manga aimed for young teen girls.   Fruits Basket (dubbed and subbed)   This is an anime about a cursed family, the Sohmas, who turn into animals from the Chinese zodiac (plus the cat) when they’re hugged by the opposite gender. Tohru’s mother...

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Facts About L

L is my favourite character from Death Note, so I know quite a bit about him. So here are a few facts about this sugar-loving character.   His real name is L Lawliet. This was revealed in a live action film as well as the 13th volume. This volume also came with a card which revealed his name. I already knew his name before I bought the 13th volume, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. I think it was the first thing I searched for when I finished the series.   2. He was born on Halloween, 10/31/1979...

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Bleach Manga To End and Special Announcement

The end of Bleach is finally drawing near, I’m personally sad but at the same time I’m kind of excited to see how it will end. I’m also praying that the anime will finally return. This will contain spoilers. If you haven’t caught up yet, I’d advise that you return when you have.   I haven’t read the final arc properly, since I’ve been waiting for the anime return (however, if this doesn’t happen I plan to read the manga properly instead). I have a rough idea of what has happened (thanks to spoilers from friends and the internet),...

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Five Anime Not Suitable For Children

Something I hear a lot is ‘anime is for children’. When I say a lot, I really mean it. Yes there is anime suitable for children, Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh, Sailor Moon etc. but then there are so many that aren’t. Another   This is a horror anime about a cursed class. Might be suitable for children to watch… if there wasn’t so many gory deaths. It’s extremely dark, and I definitely wouldn’t allow young children to watch it. The umbrella scene though… This gif is probably proof enough that this anime is definitely not for young children to...

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