Avatar The Last Airbender is easily the best cartoon I have ever seen. It’s hilarious, the story is amazing and there’s really not much to dislike about the series.

I used to watch Avatar when I was younger but I never finished the series or watched it all from beginning to end. Two years ago I finally got around to watching it and I’m so glad I did. It’s easily my favourite cartoon.

The storyline is amazing, and it’s probably the best storyline I’ve ever seen in a cartoon. It was very unique and everything was very well thought out. I’m fairly certain that there were no plot holes and everything was explained very nicely. It was never confusing and it all made sense. It was incredibly easy to watch.

The story development is brilliant. I loved how each book had it’s own storyline and focus, which all ties together at the end.

It’s one of the funniest tv shows I’ve seen. The humour wasn’t too childish, and I never found the jokes cringey or over done.

All the characters are so great. They’re all so unique and interesting, there’s not a single character I dislike as they were all developed so well. I have to admit that Zuko has the best character development I have ever seen, he changes so much over the course of the series.

This series has one of the most satisfying endings ever. It was amazing and there was nothing to dislike about it. It wasn’t anti-climatic and it was everything the series could offer.

Overall, I highly recommend this series. Even if you’re an adult. It’s enjoyable for all ages. It’s brilliant and it’s worth the watch.

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