It has been a few days since I finished this anime. I have to say that it’s one of my favorites. Since this is a review, it will contain spoilers.
This anime has a very interesting storyline and characters and I was hooked from the very beginning. The story is very well paced, and I never sat through an episode feeling bored.
The dub is good, not the best but it’s decent. Some may find Mirai’s voice annoying since it’s squeaky from time to time, but overall it’s not that bad and very cute (something that’s not common in English dub). I haven’t seen the sub, but from the comments a lot of people prefer it, so I’ll probably re-watch it subbed soon.

My favorite part of the anime is the characters. They’re all so unique in their own way. I love how adorable Mirai is, and I love Akihito’s obsession with glasses. It adds humor to the series, which makes it even more enjoyable to watch. Even Hiroomi is funny when he uses Akihito to warm his hands (this is something my brothers and I do at home since we’ve watched the anime).

The storyline is interesting too, I had no idea what the anime was about so I was shocked to see Mirai stab Akihito, and to then learn Akihito is immortal. I found the whole concept of Yomus really interesting, and in a way it slightly reminded me of Blue Exorcist (another anime I love).

Somehow, in the short 12 episodes it had, it had managed to make me fall in love with the characters. I will be honest and admit that when Mirai disappeared I cried (even though I knew she would come back, my little brother spoiled it). The anime has a very good combination of funny and serious moments. It’s not too heart-breaking either, Mirai returns and it leaves you hanging long enough to wonder what happened to her, it doesn’t reveal that she’s okay too soon.

Which leads me onto the ending. The ending for Beyond the Boundary has to be one of my favorites, it concluded the anime in a nice way that left it open for a continuation. I didn’t feel disappointed in any way, in fact, I felt sad that I had finished it.

I also love the music, the ending and opening themes were great and I watched both. It’s very rare for me to sit through an ending theme, but as soon as I heard the beginning I knew I had to listen to it all.

Overall, this anime is great and I’d definitely watch it again. What did you think of it? Leave a comment below!