Black Butler is a very popular anime, it has three seasons, several OVA and a film that’s being released January 2017. However, in my opinion, it’s not the best anime I’ve seen. It has a high percentage of filler, and only the recent releases are entirely canon.

This review will be reviewing all three seasons of the anime, so if you haven’t caught up then do that and then return to avoid any spoilers.

The first season isn’t the worst out of the three, it’s pretty decent and enjoyable until the last few episodes (or the odd episode in the middle that’s entirely filler). The ending doesn’t matter anyway, since it’s all filler, so I don’t bother trying to remember it that much.

However, the first season is still pretty good. It also proves that not all filler is bad, since 67% of the series is filler. The first episode is filler, and I didn’t realise until I looked it up. I’ve seen the first episode several times and it’s very enjoyable to watch, regardless of the events being relevant later on in the series.

The main characters in the series are very unforgettable, they’re all so unique and quirky so it’s hard to dislike them. Even though Grell can be annoying, I still love him. Maybe because we both love Sebastian…

Then there’s the second season. I hated it from episode one, but continued because I enjoyed the first season and didn’t want to give up without finishing it all (I didn’t know that season 2 was completely filler). I couldn’t stand Alois, and Claud was worse. The story was pretty awful too, and nothing about the series kept me entertained. Don’t even talk to me about the ending either, I hate that more than I hate the ending of Death Note. Season 2 ruined Black Butler, so I was happy to hear my friend tell me it’s filler and that I can forget all about it.

Then the third season was released, and I could officially forget about the angels from season 1, all the new characters in season 2 and sadly I had to forget about Pluto (I love Pluto).

The third season is definitely the best so far, probably because it’s all canon. The plot development is definitely the best compared to the previous two seasons. The season also concluded in the best way, and I have to admit I cried.

Even though the first episode doesn’t include much plot related information, it’s still good and I liked it since it was a nice way to start the series. I was worried that I would feel pretty lost when the season started, and that I’d have to try to figure out what’s canon or not from the first season. I didn’t feel lost at all, and I found it easy to get into the story.

In a way, the first episode felt so similar to the first episode of the first season. Which I loved, it was like starting Black Butler again from the beginning so I didn’t have trouble getting into the new season at all.

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