Let me get something straight, I am not talking about the Black Rock Shooter game. I am talking about the TV adaptation version of the game. I have not played the game as of yet, but I am planning to. The TV anime adaptation is … peculiar to say the least.1

From what I understand from just the anime, there are two worlds and the main character, Mato Kuroi, is connected to the Black Rock Shooter. The conflicts of one teenage girl are reflected in the action pack world of Black Rock Shooter. Or it might be backwards, I didn’t really understand.


Even if I didn’t really understand what I was watching, It was seriously badass. The visuals were so colorful and ornate. It was so vibrant and pleasant to watch when Black Rock Shooter was on the screen. I will try to rewatch to understand it more and play the game because I really do like the character designs and would like to see more. The reason it was so weird to me was that the story did not make much sense. The anime kept cutting from the problems of Mato Kuroi, a teenager with friendship issues, to Black Rock Shooter, the badass warrior with magical weapons and a flaming eye. The constant switching between these two scenes until they combine into one world was a little confusing. Even though it was a little weird and confusing, it was very interesting to watch and I do recommend watching it because it was still really interesting and cool.4