Black Torch is not your typical shounen series. It seems to portray a strong start with a headstrong main character with also a physically strong love interests and an interesting premise. If you haven’t read this, I highly recommend that you do, so that you too can experience the anguish and pain of waiting until March for the next chapter
Image result for black torch mangaBlack Torch was written and illustrated by Takaki Tsuyoshi, who hopes to make his presence known as this is his first serialized work. The first chapter was released with 70 pages around early or mid-January. With its sleek yet gritty art style and nostalgic feelings,  Black Torch drew me in with not only its story but also the characters and art. It reminded me of an original story with a bit of bleach, naruto, and Ushio to Tora mixed in.

Black Torch follows the story of Azuma Jirou, a seemingly 18ish-year-old guy who can talk to animals. He always gets into trouble and fights bullies as he tries to protect the animals that call out for help. How can he fight back, obviously using the shinobi skills that have been passed down in his household for generations. One day, he happens upon a black cat with the symbol of a sun on its back. It so happens that this black cat is actually Ragou, one of the most feared Mononoke. Their adventure ensues from their fateful meeting. I do really recommend you read it because as far as the first chapter goes, it’s amazing