The final chapter of Bleach was released, and I will have to admit I was slightly disappointed.

The ending didn’t feel satisfying at all, if anything it felt rushed and not everything was answered. I couldn’t help but feel extremely disappointed, since Bleach is one of my favourite series.

I still have so many questions that will most likely stay unanswered.

Look at Ichigo’s hair! What happened? I personally dislike it. Even more since he looks a lot like Naruto. I even dislike Renji’s hair – he doesn’t look like a pineapple anymore.

The way Bleach ended, was similar to Naruto in the sense that Ichigo has short hair and now has a child. I was hoping for something different.

Although, I am happy Ichigo ended up with Orihime and Ruki with Renji (don’t kill me). I would have been happy if Ichigo ended up with Rukia, to be honest. Thankfully, I have several ships in Bleach so there’s a small chance I will be left feeling disappointed with the outcome.


It also appears that Kazui has Zangetsu. Why? This is something else that wasn’t answered. Barely anything was. Hopefully the anime will return and things may be answered then. Although, I doubt this will happen since we have a live action to look forward to (yay?).

I just wish this ending was stretched out into more chapters, rather than the one. Maybe then the ending wouldn’t be so bad.


Now let’s discuss the special announcement. By the time the chapter was released, news of a live action had already been circling social media. I wasn’t surprised at all. I might watch the live action, but from my experience of live actions in the past – they are either good or bad. The only good live actions I’ve seen are the few I’ve watched for Shoujo series I’ve liked and one of the Death Note films (the one about L where he has a certain amount of days to live).


I have mixed feelings about the live action. Chances are they’ll cover the first arc, which will only leave me feeling disappointed. I’d much rather see the live action covering material that hasn’t yet been adapted (*cough* Thousand Year Blood War arc). It’d be most likely a lot more entertaining to watch, I’ve already seen the first arc several times.

However, this is unlikely since it won’t draw in non-Bleach fans, and if non-Bleach fans watch it they might not understand what is happening.


What are your thoughts on the special announcement and the final chapter? Leave a comment below!