The end of Bleach is finally drawing near, I’m personally sad but at the same time I’m kind of excited to see how it will end. I’m also praying that the anime will finally return.

This will contain spoilers. If you haven’t caught up yet, I’d advise that you return when you have.


I haven’t read the final arc properly, since I’ve been waiting for the anime return (however, if this doesn’t happen I plan to read the manga properly instead). I have a rough idea of what has happened (thanks to spoilers from friends and the internet), and I’ve been reading every new chapter for a while now.

I’ll miss being excited for every new chapter, but every series has to end soon. I’d hate for the story to drag on pointlessly.


The most recent chapter (685) was slightly disappointing. It was good, but I was so excited to see what happened after the previous chapter. It has left a lot unanswered, that I hope is answered in the final chapter. Especially Yachiru’s disappearance. I want to know if she ever gets back okay, she’s one of my favourite characters. Although, my twin and I share a theory that she’s really Kenpachi’s zanpakuto spirit.




Furthermore, I was disappointed to learn about the time skip. 10 years is a pretty long time, and I hate that it’s jumped that far without tying up any loose ends. If it’s left like that with no proper conclusion to the fight, then I’ll have to add Bleach to the list of manga with crappy endings. I’d just feel like it’s so incomplete. There are already so many answered questions, and I’d hate for there to be more.

Although I can’t hate it too much, Rukia did look adorable in a captain’s haori.


However, I’m hoping that the time skip is just used to get us really excited for the final chapter and leaving us wanting answers, so when it’s all revealed it will all feel pretty epic. I really hope that Kubo knows what he’s doing.


I can’t wait to find out what the special announcement is. I’m really, really hoping it’s an announcement about the anime’s return. Though, I have a feeling I’ll end up feeling extremely disappointed. After scanning the internet for people’s thoughts on the subject, a lot believe that it’s a data book (Reddit, if you’re curious). A lot are hoping for the anime’s return, but a lot believe that it’s unlikely due to it being cancelled four years ago.


No one knows for sure why the anime was cancelled (except for the studio), because of this there’s no way we can predict if it will return or not. If it was cancelled due to not being popular enough, then chances are it won’t return. If it was cancelled so that the manga could get ahead so that there wouldn’t be need for filler, then chances are it will return. I’m really hoping it’s the latter, since this is one of my favourite anime.

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