Bleach VS Naruto

These two anime are extremely popular within the anime community. I’ve seen Bleach and I’ve nearly caught up with Naruto (I have fifteen episodes left, and I know what happens thanks to spoilers on the internet). I think both anime are great. I’ve enjoyed watching both. I like both so much that I’m not sure which one I prefer.
I’ll be splitting this list into categories, such as filler, characters etc. I’ll also be concentrating on Naruto Shippuden, since I didn’t watch the original Naruto series (it was too boring). Since I’ll be covering a lot of the material in both anime, you can expect spoilers too.
Fillers –

Both have very high filler count. If I’m going to be completely honest, I prefer the Bleach filler. Why? It’s easier to skip. The majority of the time the fillers are in between seasons and are in huge chunks, with the odd filler episode in canon series.
I hate Naruto Shippuden filler. It also has more filler than Bleach and they’re making more. They don’t even need to! The manga has finished, yet they’re still coughing up more pointless filler. When I’ve caught up I’m just going to read the end of the manga instead of waiting around for them to make the one canon episode every month, sometimes it’s not even that.

Although, I can’t hate the Naruto Shippuden filler that much, since there is a filler series (though it’s kind of canon) about Itachi, who is one of my favorite anime characters. Even then, that series has many faults. Especially since they rushed the end, which just made me upset because there is so much they could have included. Though you could say I’m just upset that the filler series wasn’t long enough.

Characters –
I have several favorite characters in both Naruto and Bleach. Gin being my favorite in Bleach and Itachi in Naruto. Both die (I did say there will be spoilers). Rukia and Byakuya are also some of my favorite characters in Bleach, and neither of them die. I only have one favorite character in Naruto that doesn’t die, that character is Temari. While Kakashi and Gaara don’t stay dead, they still die and it still upset me. Neji’s death was cruel and it ruined my ship. Even Deidara was one of my favorite characters and I had to witness him dying.

Villain-wise Bleach wins. There isn’t a villain I hate more than Aizen. Probably because he’s the reason Gin died. Although I hate Madara, I don’t hate him as much as Aizen because it was Sasuke’s fault that Itachi died. Plus, Aizen is the clear villain in Bleach for the majority of the story. Naruto’s main villain isn’t clear until the story is reaching its end.
Plus, there’s just something I never liked about Aizen. The only thing I don’t like about Madara is his annoying eye bags. It’s like he’s too busy thinking of Hashirama to sleep or something.

Naruto wins pairing-wise, since most characters end up together. Very few of my favorite pairings sink (Tenten and Neji, Kurenai and Asuma). My favorite pairing in the series is Temari and Shikamaru, mainly because Temari is one of my favorite characters.

I read somewhere the Kubo has no intention of any characters in Bleach ending up together, which is just painful for me to think about. Rukia and Renji would make a great couple, or Rukia and Ichigo. Several of my ships in Bleach sink, especially in the Thousand Year Blood War arc (which hasn’t been animated as of July 2016). Gin’s death scene was also made so much harder to watch as Rangiku cries. It just reminded me of 1. My favourite character is dying and 2. Another one of my ships has sunk.

Story –
I love both storylines. It’s really difficult to choose which one I prefer. Naruto Shippuden probably wins for starting off well (I haven’t seen the original, it’s not even necessary to watch it since most of the important parts that happen are covered in flashbacks during Shippuuden), compared to Bleach which has a pretty slow start. I really struggled to keep watching Bleach, I probably would have stopped if I wasn’t told that it gets better when Ichigo and his friends go to the Soul Society to save Rukia.

The Soul Society arc in Bleach is my favourite, but I don’t have a favourite arc in Naruto. I have a least favourite which is the bridge arc. I found it dull, and I really hated Sai and Yamato at this point. It was so boring compared to what had happened previously. Though, if I had to pick a favourite arc in Naruto, it’s probably the first arc.

My least favourite Bleach arc is the Fullbring arc. I found it so boring and I really wasn’t interested in it at all. Rukia and Byakuya didn’t show up until the end, I was still heartbroken over Gin’s death and I really didn’t like Ginjo.

In conclusion, both anime are great. I can’t choose a winner as they’re both good in their own ways. I also feel like it’s not fair to compare both, since the Bleach anime has ended (as of July 2016) and the manga is about to end, while the Naruto anime is still ongoing and the manga has finished. I can only compare what I have seen, rather than the whole finished product.


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