I watched Blue Exorcist a few years ago, and it’s definitely an anime I love even if it isn’t one my favourites.

The end of the series did let it down a lot, which is the main reason why it’s not my favourite. I really loved the series until the filler began (which I didn’t realise at the time). I went from enjoying every episode to just wanting to finish the anime so I can move on to the next. The filler ending definitely ruined the anime, and I’m so glad that it’s being ignored and the series is carrying on anyway.

Out of all the characters, I only really like Rin and Kuro. Yukio annoys me, he’s stuck up and he’s an ass. Rin’s classmates aren’t exactly nice either, and Shiemi is plain annoying. So with a cast of characters I don’t really care about, I still managed to love this anime. The characters really do  make this anime great, even if I don’t particularly like most of them..

The story is interesting, it managed to keep me interested while watching it and I’ve stayed interested in the series since I finished it. It’s an anime I recommend quite a lot, even if the ending does let it down.

The animation isn’t the best, but it’s not awful. If you’re watching it subbed and concentrating on the subtitles, it’s not really noticeable. It’s only noticeable if you really look out for it. I started re-watching it last night, and compared to the new season, the animation is of a slightly poorer quality. If you pause it randomly you’re almost guarranteed to see someone looking slightly derpy or not themselves. It’s definitely not the worst animation, but it’s not the best and it’s not something you should watch if you want to see an anime with amazing animation.

This anime does get bonus points for being good to re-watch. I’m currently re-watching it, and it’s still as interesting as it was the first time around. Some anime lack the ability to be re-watched, as it can lack what it had when it was first seen.

The story isn’t predictable either, which is something I enjoyed a lot as I hate being able to predict what’s going to happen. I love being surprised.

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