So the first episode for Blue Exorcist season two aired, and I have been waiting for this to be released for ages. I watched the first series a few years ago now, so my memory of that isn’t the best.

First of all, it was easy to get into. I didn’t feel lost considering it had been so long since I finished the first series. However, it wasn’t clear as to where this was taking off from straight away. The last half of the first series is completely filler, something I know because my friend has read the manga and told me. If I didn’t know this, I would feel really confused.

There is a flashback half way through the episode, which did refresh my memory a little bit. Also the fact that Rin’s friends were no longer talking to him made me remember where it was taking off from (as well as the flashback), which helped. I am wondering how confusing it must be to someone who has no knowledge that the half of the first series is filler, and that this season is following the manga. Last they would have remembered is that Yukio is a demon and nothing would make sense – since he’s human again.

Negatives aside, the story seems really interesting so far. Not a lot was revealed, which is good since it’s left me wanting to watch the next episode. I can see myself being hooked onto this series, and excitedly waiting for the next episode to air.

The new episode also made me remember how much of an ass Yukio is and reminded me that I hate him.

The episode went by really quickly, so when it ended I was a bit shocked. Not much happened at all really, which I wasn’t expecting. I thought it would be full of information and a lot of things to take in.

Rin is still the lovable character I remember, and Kuro was also there (he’s my favourite character). It’s really nice to be able to watch these characters on my screen again, since I have to admit that I’ve missed this series a lot. I remembered browsing the internet for hours, looking for a second season, when I finished the first season. I was heartbroken when I found out that chances are there won’t be another one (because of the end). Hope wasn’t lost, because that same summer Black Butler got a new season (despite that being ruined with filler as well), so I’ve been waiting for the news for a second season since.

My expectations have been set pretty high, since the first season was very good (if we ignore the filler, that was awful). I have to admit that this reached all expectations. Even the opening is very good (I’m pretty sure they played the opening at the end).

I’m super thrilled I get to see more of this anime! What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!