Blue Exorcist season 2 came to an end. With nothing about a season 3 or any continuation.

I’m very sad it’s over, I love Blue Exorcist.

I loved the second season, it was so much better than the first. The pacing was very good, even though there was only 12 episodes to fit everything in. I wasn’t bored at any point and I enjoyed every minute of every episode. The ending wasn’t rushed either, and the season came to a close in a very satisfying way.

The ending fit perfectly, it didn’t leave a cliffhanger or close the series for good, it was open but satisfying. All loose strings were tied up.

The story was very good and interesting. It had good amounts of development, especially character development as Rin’s friends begin to trust him again after finding out he’s Satan’s son.

It was easy to follow as well, nothing was confusing and everything made sense.

The animation was a lot better compared to the first, which is to be expected since there’s quite a few years between the two seasons.

The 12th episode did just end with the ending theme, with no message after saying whether there will be a next time or a new season. It just ended. I’m slightly disappointed since I expected there to be news of a movie or OVA or another season. Only time will tell if there’ll be more Blue Exorcist, and it really does depend on whether the second season did well enough for the studio to consider another season.

I really hope Blue Exorcist receives another season. I love this anime so much and I’m so glad the awful end to the first season can be ignored and forgotten about.

I’d love to see what else the series has to offer, as well as see Rin become an exorcist.

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