After finishing the K-drama titled Boys Over Flowers I thought it would be nice to put out some character impressions of the main cast.  In each iteration that this manga has been remade it has changed the characters slightly and with that the way they are presented.  If you’re wondering how your favorite character acts in the K-Drama version of the show then this article will hopefully give you a pretty good idea.1044059v_1407020820_1


Jan Di: While Jan Di’s character was a very sweet one, at times she had a tomboyish side that always surfaced to help her out. After a few episodes though this slowly starts to disappear and she gets meeker. While still a good character she spends a lot of time being sad over various issues and you don’t really get to see her smile much. She’s also really loud and aggressive towards Jun Pyo most of the time so she ends up screaming a lot.


Ji Hoo: Ji Hoo spends the first few episodes moping over his ex-girlfriend. Afterwards, he becomes stuck on Jan Di, but quickly retreats to let his friend, Jun Pyo, have her. His character is sometimes hard to watch because of this. He literally does everything he can for his friends to the point of emotional exhaustion. It’s really hard to accept the fact that Jan Di is chasing Jun Pyo for most of the show thanks to how Ji Hoo literally saves her from herself multiple times throughout the show.300x300

Woo-Bin: Woo-Bin is covered enough for you to understand his character well, but they place him as more of a background character. While he does help move the plot along with Yi-Jeong most of the show I do wish we could have seen a little more from him. Overall though he is still well rounded and plays his role perfectly.


Yi-Jeong: Yi-Jeong is always seen with Woo-bin helping move the story along for the star couple. Yi-Jeong struggles with his playboy father cheating on his mom for most of the show. About part way through he starts to develop a relationship with Ga-Eul that he continuously pushes aside for generally selfish reasons.  He is shown to care about his talent at pottery with him being shown in his studio quite a bit through the show.


Jun Pyo: Jun Pyo is extremely hot-headed and self-centered throughout the whole show.  He is shown to throw fits of rage for almost no reason, with his back story going towards the lonely heir storyline. When his gentle side is shown however it really helps put the viewer in his court with dating Jan-Di. When the second half of the show starts they do a pretty good job of showing his transition into being a businessman. His character is written as being more in control of his emotions with fewer out bursts from him.263hq0x

Ga-Eul: Ga-Eul is shown to be Jan-Di’s closest friend and works with her at the porridge shop. She is the one who generally gives Jan-Di the best advice along with Ji-Hoo. A major part of her character and story is her working out her feelings for Yi-Jeong. As with the other two members of F4 you can find her scheming of ways to help save Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s relationship from falling apart.

From what I understand the main characters are quite a bit different in this one than their other appearances. What do you think though; and which versions of Boys Over Flowers have you seen so far?