Before you ask: no, this article isn’t about hentai. Now your mind is out of the gutter, I’ll discuss uncensored and censored anime.

Some anime is unnecessarily censored, the most famous being One Piece. Some of the changes in that are really ridiculous (though I haven’t seen One Piece, so I can’t say from experience, I’ve only seen comparison videos online). From Sanji’s cigarette being changed, or completely removed.

Even Pokémon isn’t immune to being censored, since Pokémon have been altered, Jynx as an example, and even episodes being left unnaired completely. Examples are the episode with Tentacool and Tentacruel (I’m not sure if it is still banned, I have seen the episode on the official Pokémon TV app), which was banned due to it being shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the beach episode where James has inflatable boobs, and quite a lot more.

So why is anime censored? Since anime like Pokémon is targeted for children, it needs to be suitable for them to view. It shouldn’t have any topics or anything involved which is deemed inappropriate or too frightening for children to view.

I don’t understand Sanji’s cigarette though, since smoking is a public thing and children are constantly exposed to it anyway, whether their parents/family members smoke, or just being out in public where people are allowed to smoke. Yes, it could be seen as encouraging the bad habit, but children who watch One Piece are old enough to understand the effects of what smoking does. I’d understand if One Piece was targeted to 7 and under, but it’s not.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the anime series aimed for teenagers. Gory anime is often censored, and I’d personally watch it uncensored. The gore isn’t real, so it doesn’t bother me at all, and if it did, I would stay away from gory series like it. I personally believe that censoring gory anime ruins it, especially when it’s a blob in the way, if it’s done artistically then I don’t mind.

Come on, it’s not like I can’t see the knives, so it’s not like the censoring really did much. And to be honest, Tokyo Ghoul isn’t even that bad compared to other gory anime I’ve seen. Elfen Lied is so much worse, and I haven’t encountered that censored.

Even anime series are censored in comparison to their manga. Bleach is definite a victim of this. It’s not like the Bleach anime was trying to target a younger audience compared to the manga. I’d understand if things are just completely inappropriate to show on TV, and the show wouldn’t be aired otherwise, but if HighSchool DxD was aired and showed of boobs (and according to my younger brother, the anime is actually worse than the manga), then Bleach shouldn’t have it’s silly little bits of censorship.

Overall, the Bleach manga is a lot gorier as well. It’s still not as bad as Elfen Lied, if that can get a 15 age rating, then Bleach can retain its 15 age rating. I’m fairly certain Another is a fifteen, and that’s gorier than Bleach.

So what are your thoughts on censored anime? Leave a comment below!