I stumbled across this anime a few years ago. My little brother was watching it and at the time we were all anime newbies, so we hadn’t heard of this anime before. His first impression was that it was funny, so I watched it expecting a comedy… bad idea. It’s safe to say that in the middle of the second season I was crying a lot.

Overall, Clannad is definitely an anime worth watching, if you don’t mind needing tissues for After Story. Although, I know someone who cried throughout the first season… so it depends what makes you cry. Then there’s my little brother who didn’t cry at all (he’s heartless), but he could be lying so I won’t mock him.

I will also try my best to keep spoilers to a minimum, and if I think something will spoil it I’ll leave a spoiler warning before the paragraph.


Clannad is an anime based off of the visual novel with the same name. The visual novel is available to buy on Steam (which has only been quite recent). But this review is of the anime, and not the visual novel since they’re both quite different.

The story is great, and while it is a harem series (I’m not too keen on harems), it is very good and isn’t overally harem-like. As in, there seems to be one main love interest, rather than several. The harem seems to die down for After Story (which will make sense when you watch it). So if you’re after a harem series, then this may not be the best but I’d definitely recommend it anyway.

After Story is the part that really made me cry, while there was an episode during season one that got me (the teddy bear scene, if you’re curious). I did have After Story ruined *spoiler warning* (I was watching a top 10 list of saddest anime deaths, at this point I was still convinced Clannad was a happy funny anime, so I wasn’t worried about character deaths at all).


Dont talk to me about episode 18 of After Story. Yes it was super adorable, but I haven’t cried so much before (until a few episodes later… if you’ve seen it you’ll understand, and if you haven’t you will understand when you see it). At this point, I realised that this wasn’t the happy anime I was expecting, and I knew that I would just be crying non-stop until the end.


I love all the characters though, especially Nagisa and Ushio, and of course the dango. Thanks to this series, I have a weird obsession with dango (I own a dango cushion named dango-chan). Maybe I like Nagisa because of our love of dango, it is because of her that I like them so much.

While this is supposed to be a slice of life, it does involve a little bit of fantasy/magic in it, I won’t explain why since spoilers, but if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m talking about. So, because of this it’s definitely one of my favourite slice of life anime.


Should you watch it? Definitely. Once you’ve finished After Story, you’ll most likely view the world differently. I did, and I still occasionally think about Clannad’s story.

What do you think of Clannad? Leave a comment below!